Top 8 fantastic features of the MacBook Pro 13 & 15

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Every year we welcome the greatest technological inventions whether it is laptops, mobile phones or any other kind of electrical appliances. Apple too gifted us great innovations in the present year and everyone was quite bewildered knowing how swiftly things can change for the better.

The new MacBook Pro 13 inch and MacBook 15 inch are two such additions in the long list and they are doing exceptionally good in the market. But when it comes to choosing the right one out of the two people generally remain confused which one to go for.

Here are a few points you can consider before opting for anyone out of the two great options.

  1. Third Generation Keyboard

  2. Faster processors

  3. Bluetooth 5

  4. Improved Speakers

  5.  Base VRAM

  6. RAM capacity

  7. True Tone display

  8. Thunderbolt 3


Third Generation Keyboard

You will stay surprised after using Apple’s new third-generation butterfly keyboard. There is this thin chiclet kind of buttons that come with the keyboard and the best part is that no matter how much fast you type it won’t create a loud sound like other computers.

Under each cap you will find a silicone membrane kind of a material with this even if you have the habit of eating carelessly around the keyboard, the debris won’t enter it and also if it does that won’t create any problem.

The barrier made under the keyboard with the silicone material will also help in dampening the noise created by clicking on the keypad. So, the newer version offers you a better, upgraded and reliable support.

Faster processors

Every time a new model is released it comes with new, better and advanced specifications. Better specifications and improvement in the overall performance is not only promised but also delivered with the launch of every new model.

If you are planning to buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro then you will get the quad-core processor with it and then if you are planning to buy the 15-inch MacBook Pro then you will get the six-core processor.

Bluetooth 5

Say hello to a lot longer range. In a longer range and in the perfect environment 800 feet is the maximum bandwidth you can expect and something close to it is what this new MacBook Pro provides. With Bluetooth 5 you will have to sacrifice much of your data for the longer range and that is possible with less energy transmission. You can double the bandwidth of the Bluetooth.

Improved Speakers

Do you too love listening to songs? If you do then apart from fulfilling all your other tasks it will also give great sound effects which is more developed, clear. However, we do not promise that it will replace the shelf speakers but it will definitely show a more noticeable range.


You can expect better VRAM in the 15 inch model of the MacBook Pro as it has been upgraded. For the people who wanted high VRAM to run their software should rejoice as now they will get it. Especially for the video editors, it is going to be of great help as it will make a huge difference for them.

RAM capacity

You will get huge space when we talk about the space in Apple MacBook Pro. The earlier capacity of 16GB has been upgraded to 32GB.
Also, with RAM comes a great battery life which lives for a much longer period of time.

True Tone display

There are two ambient light sensors embedded within the display of the MacBook screen and the best part about is it that it auto adjust the temperature of the screen in order to match itself with the surroundings of the place it is being used in.

Thunderbolt 3

With the 2018 model of MacBook Pro 13 inch, the touch bar has the quad-core processors. The CPU of the model has more lanes than before and is able of supporting more bandwidth which allows all the 3 thunderbolts that it has got perform with its full speed. This is a more compact solution and the best part is you do not have to compromise the speed.

With all these great features you cannot afford to miss the great innovation that Apple is offering all its users. They are great but the fact cannot be ignored that the prices at which they are available in the market are exceptionally high therefore we would educate you about a smart deal here! Instead of owning their newest models you can buy refurbished MacBook 13 inch and Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch.

The same thing, the same performance just slashed prices for you. The prices of the refurbished models are reasonable and easily affordable. What is holding you back? Go and grab the deal!
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