iPhone XS and XS Max Users face Charging Issue, Apple Yet to Respond

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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max are just couple of weeks old and one of the most fundamental issues have marred the flagship devices already.

‘Hundreds’ of Complains

According to Lewis Hilsenteger, more popularly known as Unbox Therapy, there have been not just few but hundreds of posts talking about the charging issues of the phones. Apparently, both iPhone XS and XS Max do not charge through a wall charger during standby mode. The situation grows from bad to worse when these phones freeze and requires reset.

To show the widespread problem, Hilsenteger took eight iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models, connecting them to the standard charger which come packed with the phone. Only two phones charged just fine when in the standby mode. Five of the phones did not charge in the standby mode and one iPhone XS Max never responded to the charge even after several minutes of plug in.

The sheer intensity of the problem is difficult to gauge since the Cupertino, California based company ships millions of iPhones. However, around hundreds of users complaining indicates that the problem has been spread on a massive scale.

No Solution in sight

Moreover, there are no consider-worthy solutions in sight. Some of the users suggested that flipping the Lighting cable would do the trick.

However, the better option would be to go for the wireless charger. Some are of the view that it is an iOS 12 update related problem rather than the device. According to renowned site AppleInsider, they have not found any such issue with the iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, or iPhone 8 Plus powered by iOS12 update and connected to USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning plugged into a wall adaptor, computer or multiple Qi charging pads.

Well, now the response from Apple is awaited until then the users will have to find a way around the problem.

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