5 Best Apps for self-development

We live in a world of high dynamicity, progress, and constant change. But in most times it has been observed that we are not that welcoming when it comes to changing ourselves or changing anything around us. We try to repel change as long as possible.

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It is certainly true that it’s not that easy to implement changes but since it’s inevitable we have to change ourselves according to the needs of the situation. With changes taking place, nowadays we mostly find ourselves to be demotivated real quick. We often doubt our ambition and the decisions we take. In order to be persistent and determined the first thing we have to do is to make our mental health a priority and so is our physical health.


So here I’ve come up with 5 best apps to cope up with your physical as well as mental health which also looks after your personal development and improvement.

1. Inner hour

If you are experiencing depression, Anxiety, stress, and need some meditation session. Then this little app is there to help you right away.

* first you’ve to select the area of concern, for example : you have difficulty in sleeping, so have to choose sleeping better from the given programmers.

*Then the app is going to do some empirical testing to know how you’re doing right now.

*The app will next provide you a personalized 28 day plan where there will be new activities each day for your progress.

*The app will help you to set goals and track them for you and will make sure that you achieve them.

*There’s a relief box where you can talk to Allie( your happiness buddy) when you’re feeling down or distressed

This app is an all-in-one guide to emotional wellness. It offers you  therapy-based self-help tools.

The link for this app is given below


2. Forest : Stay Focused

If you find yourself not be able to focus on your work, then you have this app right by your side.

*This app plants saplings whenever you want to focus on your work, then it grows into a tree when the time you’ve set is about to over.

* there’s also a soothing sound effect plays in the background which helps you concentrate on your work even better

*this app tells you how productive you’ve been through out the day and also act as a cure for your phone addiction.

*it also motivates you to plant real trees to protect the environment

Link for the app given is below


3. Remente – self improvement

Looking for an app which will take care of your overall development and growth, then this is app is all you need.

*This app is a goal setting guide to achieve personal growth and development by creating good habits and goals.

* It reflects on your day to day progress and helps you to stay motivated.

* It helps you to manage your time in a way such that you can cover all the necessary tasks within a fixed period of time.

*An app for organised people*


4. My affirmations – self motivation

Most of us tend to ignore the power of affirmations. Affirmations bring positivity into our life and believe me or not when you’re positive nothing could possibly go wrong. But there’s a catch you’ve to believe in it or else it’s of no use. If you doubt it, it may not work for you.

Coming back to the feature of this app, it plays affirmations aimed to affect the conscious and subconscious mind to inspire and energize you. All you have to do is wake up and listen to the affirmations before you kick-start your day.

Link for this app is given below


5. Fabulous : Daily Motivation and Habit Tracker. ( also my personal favorite)

This app has come all the way from heaven for people like me who want to make a change in themselves but are too lazy to get up and do it.

I got to know about this app from a page on Instagram and I’m glad that i looked for it on play store or else i’d have missed out on such an amazing app which has bridge the gap between what i used to be to what i am right now. I’m really grateful to this app.

So i’d write down some it’s awesome features below :

*This app starts with small steps and directs you to bigger changes eventually.

*this app teaches you about gratitude and helps you think less negatively

*create healthy habits for you and make sure that you practice them

*bring about a change to your mind and body by setting a particular time for meditation and exercise.

*It acts as a personal coach and provides day to day challenges to achieve the best version of you.

This app is truly fabulous.

Link for this app is given below




All the apps that I’ve mentioned is free to download and use.

Thank you so much for reading it.

Have a productive day ahead.

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