MBA in Artificial intelligence: What an Ideal Course Framework look like?

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MBA in Artificial Intelligence has been around over past few years and thriving.

Students and Professionals are aware how AI knowledge can increase their chances. This has led to many incline towards the hottest stream in MBA Artificial Intelligence. Also, this should come as a surprise in the wake of the trend that massively advocates the use of AI to improve business efficiency.

Analyse business with the help of Artificial intelligence

Take for instance, it becomes multiple times simpler for a business to analyze and identify trend in the heap of data with the help of Artificial intelligence. Be it Giant retailers or ride hailing apps, every organization harnesses the power of AI to streamline their work and bring efficiency.

Business Schools and MBA graduates have learned how to catch the latest trend and built an expertise over that. As a result, you would see various MBA schools are now offering Artificial Intelligence as a stream.

MBA in Artificial Intellegence

Is this going to eat Management Jobs?

Some might even see the irony in the situation where Management students are learning Artificial Intelligence. There has been a constant debate and some have feared that the highly structured and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm would eat into the management job.

However, the experts do not agree with on such projected fate of the soft skills. It is a given that machines can never have the management and leadership skills as the real people do. To some extent it is true and it is called Artificial for a reason.

With so much buzz around the Artificial Intelligence and MBA programs offered in the stream, it is only likely that MBA aspirants get confused over the school to select from. Well, after going through the curriculum and course structure of different MBA schools offering management degree in AI, you should have few questions to ask.

Does the Course cover Basic elements of AI 

If you want to learn AI in and out, it is important to select a course which offers the insight into statistics, Basic AI concept and Analytics? Fundamentals are the very foundation on which you can grow your expertise.

Do Courses talk about Builder’s Remorse 

A good manager should understand the optimum utilization of the technology. He should make sure that the technology is being used in such a way that it benefits the society.

Management course should therefore include the testimonials and the cases where some AI inventors have regretted their invention. They have talked about the ill and addictive effects of AI on the society. This would help the future managers to draw the line.

Facility of Cross Studies 

Future Managers need to learn the real life application and the effect on a process in the absence of AI. For this, occasionally they would need to interact with the students of different stream. This would help them a great deal in understanding the application and its optimum utilization.


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