What is Big Data? What are the Job Opportunities in Big Data?

Big Data jobs or data trades are more and more numerous. Companies in all sectors are now looking to leverage the data at their disposal to guide their strategy and development. As these trades are relatively new, demand far exceeds the number of qualified experts. 

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Discover in this folder what are the different Big Data jobs, the skills to possess to exercise them, the training to follow, and the salary to be discounted.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, connected objects, e-commerce, and social networks, the volume of data available to businesses in all sectors has exploded. It is now possible for both large companies and SMEs to aggregate data about their customers, the market, or even competition.

Big Data now allows companies to adopt a “data-driven” strategy. The companies now relying on data analysis to make more relevant decisions and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. However, to be able to exploit this data, companies must rely on the skills. Also, the know-how of highly skilled professionals who can use analytics technologies.

big data ,apache ,hadoop

Thus, Big Data has given birth to many new businesses: Data Miner, Data Analyst, Chief Data Officer, Data Architect, Data Scientist. These experts can collect data, organize, process, and transform them into actionable information from all departments of the company.

According to the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals, Big Data jobs will be the most popular in the years to come. 67% of business executives say that big data is one of the most prominent hires, along with digital marketing and the cloud.

Whether you’re a student or a professional looking for conversion, Big Data jobs are currently an excellent career choice. However, you may be wondering where to start. Through this file, you will discover which are the different Big Data jobs, what are the skills and qualities to possess to follow this vocation, what formations and diplomas allow to reach these positions, and what are the wages proposed by these trades.

Big Data Jobs: What are the skills to possess?

All Big Data jobs require specific skills. However, there are several skills to possess to open all doors. First, the mastery of Apache Hadoop is real sesame. Although this platform may be more than a decade old, it remains the core technology of Big Data. Professionals who master the different components HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and HBase are in high demand.

big data ,apache ,hadoop

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is also becoming more popular with businesses, thanks to its fast analysis and processing capabilities. His mastery is the Big Data skill whose demand is growing fastest in recent years.

In parallel with the success of Apache Hadoop and Spark, the mastery of NoSQL databases is also highly coveted. This tool is used to process and manage unstructured data, which now constitutes the vast majority of data generated daily. NoSQL technologies like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, and Redis have to master to be part of the elite and access the best Big Data jobs.

Data Analysis

In general, science and data analysis (Data Science and Data Analytics) are the two main skills for Big Data jobs. According to Burning Glass Technologies, the demand for these skills is expected to increase by 5% over the next five years. The demand for Data Analysts and Data Scientists is likely to increase by 28%. Data Scientist is currently considered the best all-around job by Glassdoor.

Data Visualization

It is booming. According to Burning GlassTechnologies, Dataviz’s demand for skills has increased by 2574% in the last five years. This technology allows people without data analysis skills to understand the data. Hence, Data Visualization gives business owners and shareholders access to the benefits of Big Data. Experts who are familiar with tools like Tableau and QlikView are therefore in great demand and can easily access Big Data jobs.

Big Data Jobs: What are the most valued skills?

big data ,apache ,hadoop

Before reviewing the main Big Data jobs in detail, we first propose to find out what are the general skills to work in the field of Big Data, and how much can these different skills yield.

To offer this ranking, we based on a survey conducted by the US site Dice.com. So you will discover what average salary perceive people who master the main technological tools of Big Data in the United States, in dollars. Be that as it may, note that a big data professional can easily find work anywhere in the world, only on the condition of mastering English.

  • MapReduce: $ 127,315
  • Cloudera: $ 126,816
  • HBase: $ 126,369
  • Pig: $ 124,563
  • Flume: $ 123,186
  • Hadoop: $ 121,313
  • Hive: $ 120,873
  • Zookeeper: $ 118,567
  • Data Architect: $ 118,104
  • Solr: $ 117,394

Big Data jobs: what are the diplomas and training offered in France?

To access the different jobs of Big Data, a Bac + 3 is the bare minimum. In France, more and more specialized institutions are opening their doors. And, traditional schools and universities are setting up dedicated courses.

Just after the Bac, the right idea is to get the basics with BTS or license in computer science. After that, it is possible to move towards specialized training or an engineering school or business/management.

Specialized schools include the Data Science Tech Institute, the Leonardo da Vinci School of Management, and the Institute of Internet and Multimedia. These institutions offer specialized training such as the MSc Executive Big Data Analyst, the MSc Data Scientist designer, or the MBA Digital marketing strategy.

big data ,apache ,hadoop

The engineering schools are growing to offer Big Data formations. This is the case of the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes (INSA Rennes), the National School of Statistics and Information Analysis (ENSAI), the International School of Processing Sciences EISTI, EMSI Grenoble, Telecom Nancy, and ESILV.

As far as business and management schools are concerned, several institutions now offer Big Data specializations. These include EPSI (School of Computer Engineering) and IDRAC (Business School), HEC Paris and its Business Analytics curriculum, Audencia Nantes and the IESEG School of Management.

Big Data Jobs: What are the Big Data Trades Wages?

Qualified profiles for Big Data jobs are still scarce, so demand far exceeds supply. The different Big Data jobs are well paid.

In France, salaries range from 40,000 euros gross per year for a Data Analyst. Whereas, 120,000 euros gross per year for an experienced Chief Data Officer. Whereas, in the United States, a Data Analyst earns an average of $ 70,000 a year. While a Data Scientist can expect to earn $ 130,000 a year.

big data ,apache ,hadoop

Big Data jobs: which are the main trades of the data?

There are many big data jobs. Some are similar, others much less. Some are positions of high responsibility; others are more accessible to beginners.

In this file, we propose you to discover in detail the professions of Chief Data Officer, Big Data Architect, Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Miner, Data Scientist, Data Protection Officer, Master Data Manager, and Business Intelligence Manager. Be guided by the summary below to discover these Big Data jobs in every detail.

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