Apple: Soon a smart car seat to alert the driver in case of danger?

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The US Patent and Trademark Office has just granted Apple a patent describing a smart car seat. A seat that could alert the driver in case of a potentially dangerous situation via haptic effects! He would even be able to change his form to protect the person if he detects a risk of an accident.

After the iPhone, TVs, watches or the connected speaker, it seems that Apple is still working on a vehicle bearing its emblem. Thus, Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst, stated with certainty that recently Apple Car is scheduled for the horizon 2023. Meanwhile, the Apple brand has just granted a patent on the universe of the automobile by the Patent Office and the US Trademark Office (USPTO). Entitled “haptic feedback for a dynamic seating system”, this patent filed in September 2016 describes a smart seat that could both adapt to the morphology passenger and his comfort preferences and ensure his safety. In case of danger, it could automatically control the tension of the seat belt and adjust the inclination of the seats to strengthen the protection for example.

To attract the attention of the driver, the seat would also be able to vibrate or change the inclination of the seat, when, for example, the vehicle out of his way inadvertently or drowsiness. Apple engineers have preferred this means to audible or visual alarms, which, it is true, can aggravate the situation in case of problems.

In addition, depending on the driving mode, including the so-called “sports” settings of current cars, the seats could change their settings to position the passenger more securely, while increasing the tension of the seat belt. It could be the same when the sensors of the vehicle and the computer of the computer detect a dangerous driving situation (rain, slippery ground, loss of adhesion, squalls). The idea of Apple teams is to ensure that this seat anticipates a perilous situation by reacting before impact, unlike current airbags or seat belt pretensioners, which only trigger after the collision.


Apple crunches in the car.

This patent is far from the only one that Apple has filed with the USPTO regarding automobiles. In July, the brand had registered copyright describing an autonomous driving system, adapting to the usual driving styles of passengers and also their needs. In August, she filed a file concerning a procedure to prevent vehicles and people near the intentions of the car.

As early as 2015, clues implied that Apple was already working on the creation of a car or a van bearing its acronym. Since circulating the name of a project called Project Titan. In June 2017, Tim Cook admitted that Apple wanted to focus on autonomous driving systems. The brand has even tested its on-road technology with around fifty vehicles. Apple’s ambitions in the field seem to increase with the hiring of personnel from the automotive industry and even sizes from Tesla. A clue that has not left indifferent Elon Musk, the boss of the brand of electric vehicles.


  • Apple multiplies patent filing for automotive accessories.
  • It has just been granted a patent describing a seat able to adapt its form to protect the passenger in case of danger. This seat can also vibrate to attract his attention.
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