So, Hyundai and Kia pose separate audio zones in the car without headphones

Listening to music with headphones was so far the only way that different people in the same car could enjoy their favorite songs, but now Hyundai and Kia engineers have developed a technology that could give a unique alternative.

This is the system called Separated Sound Zone, which makes use of a technology similar to the noise cancellation of headphones. With this technique, it is possible according to them to provide four people with “private” and separate audio zones without the need for headphones.

Enjoying music (and conversation, if you want)

The proposal was created thinking about that hypothetical future in which the autonomous cars will make sharing cars with other travelers a reality, and to make the trip more comfortable and avoid the use of headphones. This technology would provide these independent audio spaces, but Attention, without cacophony and being able to start a conversation with the passengers at any time.

This system makes use of different speakers that project the audio to each seat in a specific way, but they are also programmed to neutralize and change the sound waves that come from the rest of the speakers in the car.

If you actually allow those conversations at all times and save us the headphones, you may indeed have the idea of these engineers. They hope to be able to integrate it into vehicles in the next two years, and that is when we can check if the headphones are no longer needed for passengers who want to listen to different music in the car or not.

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