Uber Air Taxi – A Step to End Traffic Woes in Congested Cities

With road congestion problem increasing in big cities, Uber is developing an aerial ride service under its “Uber Elevate Program”. The service will debut in three cities including Dallas and Los Angeles, and a few options for the 3rd city. Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Paris are some considerable options. But, The company will make the final announcement of the Uber Air Taxi service in six months.

For illustration, Uber Aviation Program’s global CEO ERIC ALLISON took an example of Mumbai traffic. According to him, the service will reduce the 100-minute travel time from Mumbai Airport to Churchgate to 10 minutes only. Followed by a demonstration plan in 2020, Uber is planning the final launch in 2023.

While, Considered beneficial for those stuck in traffic, Uber Air Taxi won’t benefit everyone, he added. This is probably because of higher cost of air ride involved as not everyone will be capable of affording that.

Also, this will also cause harm to our environment. The air bus will produce smoke in the air directly that will damage the stratosphere. As a result, ozone layer will diminish further.

Moreover, in cities already polluted with a huge traffic, aerial rides will worsen the situation. We are heading fast towards technology developments but what about our environment?????

What’s your view regarding the innovative Uber Air taxi service?  Provide your comments and concerns in the below section.

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