With Pioneer’s SPH-10BT, car radios and smartphones merge.

Car manufacturer Pioneer has unveiled a model that can connect to a smart-phone via an application and take advantage of the technical capabilities of the mobile to offer advanced features of assistance to driving: alert crossing lines, emergency calls, access to music streaming applications, and reversing radar.

Owning a car with an onboard computer and the full range of driving aids is often expensive. Pioneer has designed a hybrid car radio, the SPH-10BT, which uses the technological capabilities of a smartphone, via an application, to access these features at a lower cost. Available from September, priced at 119 euros, this car radio includes a retractable hook for a mobile phone with a screen up to 9 cm wide (so good for an iPhone X or a Galaxy Note 9 ) and rotates 90 degrees.

But all the interest of this product resides in the application Pioneer Smart Sync (to download on the App Store and Google Play ). The philosophy developed by Pioneer around this application is to make it the cornerstone of its system,  via updates that are not only about aesthetic improvements, speed, bugs, etc. but essentially new features that make the most of the smart-phone.

Access to Spotify, Google Maps, Waze and Apple Music

For example, it will soon be possible to use the camera of his smartphone as help in maintaining the trajectory: in case of crossing lines, the driver is immediately alerted. On some vehicles, the smartphone can stay on its hook; on others, it will be necessary to foresee the second one in case of the annoyance of visibility related to the dashboard. The emergency call can be triggered during an accident automatically by the smartphone, with the setting of the person or service to contact.

It can even be considered a warning to fall asleep. Already, Pioneer announces an optional kit, the NDPS1, which transforms the whole radar recoil. As for more basic features, the Pioneer Smart Sync application transforms the smartphone into a control interface for the car radio, while maintaining access to apps already installed on the phone such as Spotify, Google Maps, Waze and other Apple Music. The car radio, meanwhile, is equipped with a 4 x 50-watt amplifier and a remote microphone.

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