Uber Electric Bike
Shachi singh

JUMP to Serve as the New Uber Electric Bike to tackle traffic woes

Jump, the uber electric Bike looks stylish and, at the same, time does not fit in the conventional Bike design. However, Nick Foley, the head of Product believes that the Red colour is not just meant for catching everyone’s attention. He added that people should start seeing Bikes as the major part of Urban Transportation. While the features and specifications of a vehicle is something that people are inclined towards, they almost never overlook the Bright colours. Foley believes that to get someone buy something, it is the form-factor that comes majorly in play.

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uber air taxi
virtual life

Uber Air Taxi – A Step to End Traffic Woes in Congested Cities

With road congestion problem increasing in big cities, Uber is developing an aerial ride service under its “Uber Elevate Program”. The service will debut in three cities including Dallas and Los Angeles, and a few options for the 3rd city. Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Paris are some considerable options. But, The company will make the final announcement of the Uber Air Taxi service in six months.

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