For those who are new to Azure or want to explore azure services before they can start using it for personal or commercial use. Azure provides a one-month free subscription with some credits on account.

In this article, we will see how we can create the Azure account for free. And start using it.

Is Microsoft Azure Account Free?

No, Microsoft Azure is a subscription-based cloud platform. Where you just pay for what you use. However, Microsoft offers some free credits to new users in order for them to experience the platform before using it for personal or business purposes.

Benefits of Azure free Account

With your Azure free account, you get all of this—and you will not be charged until you choose to upgrade.

You can find the complete detail on Azure official website at

Let’s start by creating a free account with Microsoft Azure.

create Azure Free Account,Registration Page

Navigate to this link and click on start free.

create Azure Free Account,Provide Email

You will be redirected to the login page of Microsoft Azure. But we don’t have an account so, lets click on the Create One link.

create Azure Free Account,Email

Provide the Email address which is not being used earlier.

create Azure Free Account,Password

Next screen you will be asked to create a password for your account. Provide a strong password and click on Next.

create Azure Free Account,Verify Email

Login to the provided email and get the verification code & hit next to move further.

create Azure Free Account,Captcha

Enter the captcha details, just to make sure you are not a robot.

create Azure Free Account, Profile Details

Provide the mandatory fields in the given page and click on next.

create Azure Free Account,Verification Code

Provide the valid contact details and click on any of the options either Text me or call me to verify your contact details.

create Azure Free Account,Verification

I opted for Text Me, So I got the code on my mobile. Just provide the code and click on Verify Code.

After validating the code it will take you to the Identity Verification section.

create Azure Free Account,Card Details

This is the place where you have to provide the Card Details to continue with the registration process. However, It is not going to charge you anything until you upgrade the account.

Note: $1 or negligible amount might be deducted, and refunded to your account again, just to check the valid card details.

Provide the valid card details & click on next to continue. Once you are successfully done with this step. You will have to just accept the agreement with Microsoft.

create Azure Free Account,Aggrement

Note: Reading an Agreement is always a good practice. Before you click on the I agree.

Click on the I Agree checkbox & the Signup button will be highlighted. Click on SignUp & you are done with the registration.

create Azure Free Account,Home Page

Upon completion on the last step. you will see this page. Also, you will receive a welcome email from the Microsoft Azure.


So, we’ve seen this article. How quick it is to build an account with the Microsoft Azure portal. In our next post, let’s consume some free Azure services.


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