Google Cloud Ethereum Blockchain: New Venture with New Features


Google Cloud has added the Ethereum blockchain to its Big Data and BigQuery analytics platform. With this Google Cloud Ethereum Blockchain integration, aggregating and viewing blockchain data will become easier.

Its official: Google Cloud adds Ethereum dataset (ETH) to BigQuery. It updates this dataset daily with data from the Ethereum blockchain. According to Google, this tool will help businesses decide, prioritize improvements to the Blockchain architecture, or balance adjustments.

Ethereum Blockchain contains APIs for functions such as viewing a transaction’s status or a wallet’s balance. But, API endpoints are difficult to access. Thus, the OLAP features of BigQuery will make it easier to aggregate and view the data.

Moreover, Google Cloud software can synchronize Ethereum Blockchain to computers running Parity, software for interacting with the Ethereum network. This performs a daily extraction of data from the Blockchain Ethereum, and stores data on BigQuery to allow exploration.

Google Cloud Ethereum Blockchain Integrity Will Help Analyze & Visualize Ethereum Data

As an example of using this new tool, Google talks about CryptoKitties: a game based on the Ethereum Blockchain. BigQuery will collect data from accounts with at least 10 CryptoKitties to distinguish their owners based on mascot size and colour.

However, this is not Google’s first venture into the Blockchain. In February 2018, the firm created a similar tool for the Bitcoin Blockchain. To recall, it allowed users to view transactions, detect anomalies and extract the necessary data.

On a similar note, Google recently partnered with two blockchain companies: Digital Asset and BlockApps. With these partnerships, Google might bring new DLT Solutions to the Google Cloud Platform.

Thus, we can expect a bright future for digital currencies with more support coming in from giants like Google.


So, how was your experience learning about the Google Cloud Ethereum Blockchain venture? Share your views in the comment section below.
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