Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Install on Your Web

In this article, we are going to deal with a topic as interesting as necessary for the development of your blog or WordPress website, and that are WordPress plugins, which we must install to optimize our design and the functionality of it. And in this post, I’m going to give you some of my favorites.

What is a WordPress Plugin and what is it for?

The first thing we must be clear about is what a plugin is and what it is for. Well, the explanation is very simple. The plugins are complementary tools that we will install to optimize and customize our blog or website. There are countless WordPress plugins, but we should not fall into the error of installing the maximum possible without having any discriminatory criteria, so the ones we choose will depend on what each of you expect from your project. Keep in mind that plugins allow us to perform very diverse functions, adjusting according to our taste and criteria the design of our website and the general configuration of it.

Having this base clear, the next thing you should know is that WordPress offers us a huge number of free WordPress plugins and payment to install on our website or blog, so I wanted to facilitate the selection work with this article in which I’m going to recommend you what I consider to be the indispensable WordPress plugins for any web or blog.

Advice before installing a plugin in WordPress

Before starting with each of them, I have to warn you of another key point with respect to the WordPress plugins that we plan to install. Why did I tell you that we should not fall into the error of installing all the plugins that we crave? Very simple, installing a large number of them can cause our website to overload too much and not work at the speed we consider optimal. Hence the maximum importance of making a good selection of the plugins that we are going to install to develop our project.

How to install a WordPress plugin?

The ways to download a WordPress plugin are 3. You can do it from any of the three, the only drawback is that in the case of the payment plugin , to install it you must have downloaded the plugin folder first.


  • Install the Plugin from the same WordPress

It is as simple as entering the WordPress section of the control panel that says “Plugins” and writing in the search engine you want to download to install it. Once you find the one you need, click on “Download WordPress Plugin” and then activate. You already have it ready on your Web.


  • Install the Plugin by installing a Folder

Unlike the previous option, in this you must previously have the WordPress plugin folder downloaded to your computer. If so, click on the top part of the Plugins section (Upload Plugin) and select the file where you have it hosted. Now it only remains to activate it.


  • Install the Plugin through FTP

Although there is a complicated way to do it through the C panel of your hosting, I recommend the use of Filezilla. This program allows you to upload the plugin to your root folder with just drag and drop. We go there, here I leave the free WordPress plugins that I consider most essential for the development and personalization of your web WordPress:

List to Download the Best Pay and Free WordPress Plugins

In this list, I give you a summary with which for me are the essential WordPress Plugins. If you know someone else that can complement it, leave it in comments, and I’ll be happy to add it.

Back Up WordPress



I wanted to name this plugin first, which you can also find as “duplicator”, considering it of capital importance. The functionality that we can achieve with this plugin is to make backup copies of our blog or our website in a very simple way.

You all know the importance of making backups constantly, and with this plugin for WordPress free, we can get it, making backup copies of everything that we want, web, blog, database, used files, etc. Without a doubt, this is a “WordPress Plugin” which is totally necessary.

SEO Yoast


Pay close attention to this plugin because we are probably facing the one that is the best and most complete plugin that WordPress offers us for SEO positioning.

Today few are the users or professionals who do not have this plugin on their website or blog, because as I say, it seems fundamental since it encompasses the vast majority of aspects related to SEO positioning.

Its functionality is extremely wide, so I recommend not letting yourself be carried away by the resources that this plugin can consume, because it has the great advantage of bringing together in a single application most of the tools and functions needed in this field. Otherwise, we should solve with the installation of more than one plugin for SEO positioning that would consume us even more resources than YOAST.

I guarantee that you will not need more than five minutes to realize its great usefulness. YOAST can correct on the fly any detail that your post lacks for correct positioning, from the extension of your article to the keywords that you use or stop using. But it does not end here, this fantastic plugin also generates Sitemap, robots.txt and XML files, cleans up your duplicate content, optimizes your entry and page system, makes numerous recommendations to improve your positioning, etc. In short, a wonder of WordPress Plugin that becomes essential for all of you.

In addition, we have the privilege that this plugin is very light with a minimum consumption of resources and very easy to configure.

Google Analytics for WordPress


We continue with another of the essential WordPress plugins. In this case, what this plugin offers us is the possibility of analysing the statistics of our website or WordPress blog, such as a number of visits, most searched keywords, etc. Its use cannot be simpler, and its consumption of resources is not too high. You only have to install the plugin, enter where your Analytics ID is required, and to work, without further complication.

We have to make a warning regarding this plugin. For the most documented and trained in code, we can save the installation of it, and with it the consumption of resources that it requires, if we introduce and edit the code, but as many will happen to you, if you do not have that knowledge the best is to install this plugin directly and avoid problems.

Ithemes Security


Here we find another plugin for WordPress free and essential without any doubt. This plugin has a function as simple as necessary, and it is going to protect our web WordPress of malware, viruses, and other attacks that we may suffer on our website or blog. As you know, today it is of capital importance to have a plugin of this type, because security is always the first thing if we want to secure our work.

WP SuperCaché


We now turn to a plugin designed to optimize the loading speed of our website. Basically, this plugin offers us the possibility to cache all the information in our database, which means that the server we use loads with greater speed.

Its installation and configuration is relatively simple, but beware; we must take into account that the cache plugins need to be configured properly, otherwise it could even reduce performance. Therefore, I recommend that you take some tutorial for your configuration.

For the rest, either this plugin or any other cache plugin that optimizes the loading speed and, in general, the performance of our WordPress website, seems utterly essential. It is free and provides optimal results.



Here I bring you a somewhat peculiar plugin. It is a complete tool that gives us the advantage of being able to analyze ourselves in the face of our subscribers.

Sumo guarantees us the possibility of creating forms to attract subscribers, a system of pop-ups of the most used, heat maps that communicate the most interesting details of our WordPress, etc. It is a complete tool at all levels.

Extremely recommendable for the beginnings. Now, I must warn you of an inconvenience. Sumo is a plugin that consumes abundant resources from our website, although it is true that you have the possibility that we select the functions that we want to use from the plugin, saving resources when we do not use it altogether.

Simple Author Box

For the public, I recommend you download this plugin for WordPress for free. Its function is as simple as it is useful. When we write a post to publish in our WordPress Web, we gain a lot of truth when we show the public who is the person that is informing them and what kind of experience or training they have.

This WordPress plugin that I recommend allows us to add in our post an author box where we can show our subscribers or readers our references automatically, adding even our links to social networks, photos, text, or any reference that we consider valuable face to the public. It is very easy to install and essential if we want to offer a severe profile, one hundred per cent recommended.



Continuing with the same line of face to the public and to the influence that we can cause through our social networks, I bring you Monarch, an authentic marvel. Installing this WordPress Plugin is easy and simple.

The first thing we should know is that this plugin is paid. Yes, I know, until now we were talking about free WordPress plugins, but we were also doing essential plugins for WordPress, and in this sector, Monarch is one of the essential WordPress plugins. Anyway, do not worry, at the end of this description I’ll leave you the name of another similar plugin that has a free version (although naturally, it’s very inferior).

At the social level, and to share our publications of our WordPress website, Monarch is undoubtedly the most recommended. It is worth investing in this plugin. Also, it has a modern and elegant design that will not leave you indifferent.

As I anticipated, if you want a free version of a plugin of this type, Social Warfare has a free version that is not bad, you can take advantage of it if you consider it appropriate depending on your resources, but as I mentioned, it is worth investing in Monarch.

Better Click To Tweet

Access All Areas

Here I leave another plugin that should not miss is undoubtedly another WordPress plugin essential for everyone. With Better Click to Tweet, we continue talking about social plugins. You should take into account the possibility offered by some plugins (especially those paid within this area) that incorporate this same function. Still, most do not, and it is usually necessary to install a plugin like the one we are describing.

Its primary and main function is to insert a click on our publications so that we can tweet our WordPress entries automatically. Easy, fast, and above all essential, it has a very complete personalization function. This WordPress plugin is updated frequently and without doubt, it is a guarantee plugin.


maxresdefault (1)

With Jetpack I leave you one of the complete WordPress plugins that you can find. Your results are fully satisfactory. To give you a first general idea, we can describe Jetpack as a “cajón desastre” plugin, and let’s say it contains many plugins in its interior. Do not get me wrong; disaster does not have anything, rather the other way around.

Among its functions, I would highlight the advantage it offers us by automatically notifying us of the activity of our publications, as well as that of our subscribers, statistics, forms, printing of pages, sending a post via e-mail to other users, including buttons with the most social networks, shotcodes, etc. Come on, an authentic past. I would definitely rate it as one of the essential WordPress plugins par excellence.

Its configuration can be somewhat more complex than other WordPress plugins that I have described previously, but its usefulness and functionality means that we can not look the other way.

This has been all for now with respect to downloading WordPress free and paid plugins. In this article I have tried to compile what I consider most essential at the functional level, offering most of them for free for your web WordPress.

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