SQL Server Components That can Enhance Your Efficiency

SQL Server latest versions have a frequent upgrade cycle as the new one gets released after every 18 months. It is good for users whose tasks are made easier with upgradation and new features.

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 However, the quick cycle also makes it easier to miss out on some of the major upgrades As Microsoft keeps on releasing the features, installing them is always a good idea. We have come up with few significant SQL server components that users working on SQL should know and use to enhance their productivity.

Group Managed Service Accounts

Not purely SQL Server, the feature support SQL and those who work in the regulated industry might find the feature particularly handy. Often in the regulated industry, the users are required to keep changing their passwords, twice most of the times. This continues on the rolling basis even after the user has automated the process. GMSA enables the Active Directory to own the service account password process.

It is such that the user gives certain permission to a server.  And, the server in turn can use the service account and enable Active Directory to perform the task. You can use a single gMSA on multiple hosts and for the scheduled tasks. Further creating and configuring gMSA is easy and mainly involves three steps:

  • Creation of the KDS Root Key
  • Creating/configuring the gMSA
  • Configure the gMSA on the host(s)

Always Encrypted

The feature is useful for those who are looking for a viable solution against hacking threats. Released as an enterprise-only feature, Always Encrypted is available for all the editions as SQL Server 2016 SP1. The feature allows storing of the encryption keys in the application’s client and saves just the encrypted data in the database. To use Always Encrypted, you need to have a modern SQL Server client and .NET 4.6 or above.

Trace Flags

In order to manage different database requirements of different customers and specify the method of doing a task, Trace Flags comes in handy. Microsoft offers documented as well as undocumented trace flags. However, you would need to make sure that the Trace Flags you are using do not come up with any side-effects.  But, a lot of them do.

Microsoft has recently launched it’s SQL Server 2019 in Orlando. With this, it expanded the key features of its latest cloud database – Cosmos DB for all the Azure customers. Therefore, it would become simpler for the Azure SQL cloud database to customize their needs in line with the changes in their applications. SQL Server 2019 comes with new big data capabilities. Hence, it enables the user to expand their capacity to perform more tasks including Data warehousing and Business Intelligence, AI and Advanced Analytics.

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