Augmented reality, sensors, microphones and algorithms to be beautiful

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The technology also reaches the aesthetic market, brushes that offer us a diagnosis of our hair health, personalized makeup with colorimetry and “makeup printers”, the smartphone as a mirror, hairdressing salon or sneak of the damaging rays of the sun on our skin.

One of the many advantages of advances in technology is its extension to different fields and pockets. The irruption of technology in the cosmetics sector is not an issue that is treated with the same assiduity as in other fields, but something is clear and has reached the world of cosmetics with the aim of not leaving anyone indifferent.

The Viva Technology trade fair, held this summer in Paris, where stands of leading brands of telephony, appliances, robotics and many other sectors were concentrated, showed the best applications of technology in beauty.

One of the most outstanding products was the Kérastase Hair Coach, in whose creation the French company Withings has participated. It is a brush composed of six sensors that collect different information about our hair. The main element is the microphone that has in the central part of its plastic prongs, which fulfills the function of “listening” to our hair.


As you read, the brushing of the hair sounds in one way or another depending on the state of the hair, which allows us to know if it is broken or damaged and to what degree – specifically, factors such as manageability, fizziness, dryness, split ends and the break, among others -. The information provided by the sensors, synchronized with our mobile device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, make up a diagnosis of the health of our hair, which we can analyze carefully in the app designed for it.

The app, Hair Coach Smart, allows us to exhaustively monitor our capillary health, through percentages and specific assessments: damage, breakage, entanglement, and dryness. Also, it offers the possibility of receiving counseling twice a week. The social part, like any app, provides us with the possibility of sharing statistics and diagnosed with our inner circle.

One of the advantages of the advances of this technology is that we can use it with both wet and dry hair. The conductivity sensors are responsible for detecting this aspect, thanks to the change of sound that occurs as it is in one state or another. However, the electronic device must not be submerged in water.

Among the elements that comprise an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which detect the angle and speed of brushing, information that is processed next to the pressure and strength (aspects identified by the triaxial cells). The results determine if we are brushing it properly or not, being able to correct our usual way.

The brush, which ensures our capillary health, arrived on the market just a few days ago, last September to be more exact, and is already marketed in Spain, Japan, and the United States among others.

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