BlackBerry Key2 – A Synonym of Nostalgia and Innovation

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With a revolutionary aesthetic based on the iconic keyboard of BlackBerry, amen of its security, the Key2 model has come hand in hand with TCL Communication, a manufacturer of smartphones and BlackBerry partner.

The terminal, the best performance of the brand works with the Android 8.1 operating system and comes with a physical keyboard, improvements in privacy and security. And, among its outstanding features are a dual rear camera and the introduction of Speed Key, an access direct universal that allows immediate access to the applications, contacts and functions most used by the owner, from any point at any time, on the mobile phone.

The price of the device is around 650 euros.

Differential Aesthetics

At present, most mobile phones have a very similar aesthetic, to such an extent that it is difficult to distinguish some brands and models from others. With the Key2 this problem does not exist, it is more, if you use it in public the question arrives fast and this mobile? It draws attention.

This has been highlighted by those responsible for the brand during the presentation “Although there are many different smartphones to choose from, most tend to offer fairly similar experiences without much difference between one and the other,” are words of Alain Lejeune, senior vice president of TCL Communication and BlackBerry president. “With the introduction of BlackBerry Key2, we have created a different model that captures all the features that have made our smartphones an icon, while introducing innovations and experiences that not only make it one of the best mobile phones in security and privacy but also the most advanced BlackBerry device ever created. ”

Because there is another question to add: also in terms of features the device provides novel differentials.

Design of BlackBerry Key2

The terminal uses quality materials in the finishes, starting with an aluminium structure that provides durability, a unique appearance and greater strength. The back is a soft touch and has been updated with a diamond pattern that reinforces the grip and ergonomics.

Smart Keyboard

BlackBerry Key2 has a smart keyboard that has been redesigned and created to make writing more immediate and simple. The size of the keys has been  increased by 20 per cent to offer a more comfortable experience and more precise texts. It includes a matte finish on the keys and a design that optimizes the spacing between them. It also has a fingerprint detector updated on the keyboard itself that shows, in the tests performed to the device, a remarkable accuracy.

To this keyboard has been added the Speed Key, which facilitates direct access to various functions. With this functionality, it is no longer necessary to return to the main menu of the smartphone or search in an application folder to access the apps, contacts and functions used. It is enough to press the Speed Key to enter applications, call a favourite contact, or immediately access other services predetermined by the user.

In use, and once the user becomes familiar with the particularities of physical keys, it is observed that it is faster than the predictive keyboard when sending messages, it also offers a more intuitive navigation experience.


The touchscreen of the Key2 (not counting the surface occupied by the keyboard) is  4.5 inches and includes 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, which offers resistance to scratches and creates a uniform design.


It integrates 6GB of RAM and two variants of 64GB and 128GB of internal storage (both versions offer an expandable storage support MicroSD).


With a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the BlackBerry Key2 can provide satisfactory performance even in heavy users, and optimal working speed even in applications that consume large resources of the device.


The model features the first dual rear camera on a BlackBerry smartphone. It is a double system of 12 MP  that adds an improvement in the auto balance of targets, a faster automatic focus, improved image stabilisation and new photo capture experiences. The front camera is 8 MP.

New capture modes are added, such as Portrait Mode and Optical SuperZoom. With Portrait Mode, users can take photos creating images with a sharper and more professional appearance. With the Optical SuperZoom, it is possible to take photographs in greater detail, even from a distance. Use a multi-frame capture type to reduce noise in zoomed photos. It also integrates Google Lens, so you can search and get information by taking an image of an object and get vital details.


The device offers up to two days of autonomy. In addition to the Quick Charge Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, the BlackBerry Key2 presents a smart battery experience that learns from daily charging habits and recommends when to charge, so there is enough battery to last until the next meeting, flight or event.


If there is a critical section in this smartphone is the security. To achieve this, the operating system has been strengthened, and a technique patented by the brand has been used to establish trusted root hardware, adding security keys to the processor. It comes preloaded with DTEK, BlackBerry application that eliminates the complexity of other security mechanisms by providing a confidence meter ‘at a glance’. The system displays the overall security assessment of the phone and provides a simple way to see how applications can access data and manage application permissions. Therefore, you can easily view and manage how downloaded applications access mobile personal data such as location, access to the camera, microphone and more, with active controls over mobile privacy and security.

The DTEK now includes the Proactive Health review feature, which allows you to scan the phone and receive instant information on potential security vulnerabilities and optimizations.

For its part, the Locker has also been improved to offer greater personal privacy and control over the content. With features such as private folders for documents and photographs, which allow not to be uploaded to the cloud, and Mozilla’s Firefox Focus, a private browser for when you want the search session to be registered. This pre-loaded privacy application can only be accessed with a fingerprint or password, helping to store and protecting sensitive user data, applications and content such as photographs and downloaded files.

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