Exciting Google Pixel 3 Features that can be used in Pixel 2

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Google has recently launched Pixel 3 and the flagships devices are up for pre-order. Google Pixel 3 and 3XL come packed with some exclusive features. The Hardware is designed accordingly but not all the features are designed exclusively. For those who have previous version of the phone should know about the new Google Pixel 3 features that can be updated on Pixel 2 as well.

Duplex Book Tables

Dubbed as Google Duplex, the feature would enable the Pixel 3 owners to book the tables at the restaurant that does not have the online booking option. This feature is however not just exclusive to the Google Pixel 3 owners as the Pixel 2 owners would also be able to try their hands before the end of the year. However, restriction has been put city wise and therefore you would need to look out for that.

Angry Kitten

With the new feature, it would be possible to crate Live Albums that would include the photos recognized by Google. For instance, Google can recognize the pictures of your brother and sisters. From now on, the user would just need to create an album with their name in it. Once, you click the picture of your brother and sister, it would recognize and put in the concerned album.

Change the Focus

It would also be possible to adjust the background blur even after taking the shot. The feature is embedded in the Google Photos and can only be used after the shot has been taken. Pixel 3 would come feature enabled but Google would also extend it to other phones including Pixel 2 and Motorola’s Moto G6.

Super Res Zoom

The feature is capable of taking the better zoomed-in picture by bringing together number of photo images at different angles. As of now it is not known if the feature would be made available in the Pixel 2. However, there does not seem to be any hardware challenge because of which the feature gets restricted only to the flagship phone.
So, if you are a Pixel 2 owner and not upgrading anytime soon, you still can try out some cool, upcoming features launched recently.

So, Were you able to use new features of Google Pixel 3 in your Pixel 2? Drop a comment in the below section to tell us your queries and similar features.
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