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There are so many fun things to do with amazon echo. Let’s discuss a few of them. Recently I ordered Amazon Alexa echo dot (2nd generation) from as soon as it arrived I started playing with it. So I thought why not to put my conversation with Alexa on my blog.

What is your expectation from Alexa? Here is a list of question I asked Alexa news, music, whether jokes many more…

Say,  Good morning to Alexa

Me: Alexa good morning
Alexa: Whats Munna Bhai without circuit or Batman without afraid I am talking about the most memorable movie sidekicks, say talk to me about movies

Me:  Good afternoon

Alexa: Good afternoon, I have been playing  pretend with my own kind of imitation game, if you want in on the fun, just say talk like a celebrity

When I asked Alexa talk like a celebrity, Here you go what she replied…

Me: Alexa Good evening

Alexa: Enjoy some Garma Garam chai with Samosas for bites

Me: Alexa Goodnight

Alexa: Get some good rest

Me: Alexa Goodby

Alexa:  I had a good time, Come back soon

Ask whether condition from Alexa

Me: What is the weather today
Alexa: Sorry, I couldn’t find your location if you can update your full address under device setting in the Alexa app. I will be able to automatically get the weather for where you’re,

For now, whether for what location?

then I said: Bangalore

Alexa: Right now in Bangalore India, its 24’C with scattered cloud, today’s forecast have some sun and thunderstorm with high of 27’C and low of 18’C

For sports-loving people, you can ask specific sports news to Alexa

Me: Alexa Play News
Alexa: Here is your flash briefing form India today.

If you want Alexa to play news for you then you need to configure the sources from Alexa application from your mobile.

Me: Alexa, Cricket news
Alexa: Here is the cricket news on Saturday…..

Me: Alexa, Sports news

Alexa: Here is your sports update, In Cricket… then In football…

Are you preparing for Gov’t exam, Make Alexa your roommate

Me: Alexa 7th prime minister of India

Alexa: The 7th Prime minister of India VP Singh

Me: Loksabha seats

Alexa: The Loksabha has 545 seats

Me: Finance minister of India

Alexa: India’s finance minister is Arun Jaitley

Me: Whos is Kalpana Chawla

Alexa: Kalpana Chawla was an American astronaut and the first Indian origin women to go to space

Alexa as your English teacher

Me: Alexa How do you pronounce ambiguity

Alexa: Alexa I pronounce that ambiguity, but text to speech is always improving, I might not have it right.

Me: How do you spell champagne

Alexa: champagne is spelled C H A M P A G N E

Movie reviews and recommendations from Alexa

Me: Alexa The martian movie review

Alexa: The film the Martian has IMDB rating 8 out 10 from around 640000 user votes, It has a popularity rank of 596 on IMDB.

Me: Alexa, Top 10 Action action movies from IMDB

Alexa: This might answer your questions. I know about 18 action movies with the best IMDB rating it will list out few names…

Me: Alexa Don movie rating

Alexa: The film DON has an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10

Alexa Echo

Listen to music with Alexa, Play, Next, forward, Pause lot more…

By default, Alexa play songs from Savan, However, you can buy apple music store

Me: Alexa, Play Honey Singh songs

Alexa: YO YO Honey Singh Top songs from Savan

Me: Alexa, Play Mohra movie songs

Alexa: Playing Mohra movie songs by Savan

Me:  Alexa Top 10 Hindi romantic songs

Alexa: Playing  Hindi romantic songs from Savan

Me: Alexa Play party songs

Alexa: Party songs from Savan

Me: Alexa Play Kishor Kumar songs

Alexa: Kishor kumar top songs from Savan

Me: Alexa Pitbull songs

Alexa: Pitbull top songs from Savan

Me: Alexa play lagawelu tu jab lipistic

Here are a few commands used while listening to music

  • Next song
  • Previous song
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Forward song
  • Set volume at 7 (Max volume is 10)
  • Increase volume
  • Decrease volume

It was fun talking to Alexa. Feel free to provide your comments and concerns in the below comment section. If you want to ask anything to Alexa put your question in the comment box, I can ask on behalf of you and also I can upload a video.

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