iPhone X Plus and iPhone X LCD: first images leaked

iPhone X Plus and iPhone X LCD: first images leaked

A little over a month from the presentation of the future iPhone range, the first mysterious images appear on the web.

Every year, it’s always the same pattern that repeats itself. After the launch of the new iPhone, rumors flourish about their successors. And then comes the time of the first shots stolen. Thus, a few weeks away from Apple’s next keynote, several mysterious images show what two of the company’s next three phones might look like.

In this case, we are talking about the iPhone X Plus and the iPhone X LCD, two models that will surround the range also composed of an iPhone X updated. Photos were shared by the leaker Ben Geskin on Twitter while others appeared on Slash Leaks July 29, 2018. We take out the tweezers.


Ben Geskin evokes dummy models, only here to give an idea of the design. The iPhone X Plus, supposedly equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, would be nothing more than a larger iPhone X: there is the notch, the dual sensor placed vertically to the back or stainless-steel edges. It is presented here in a silver finish – with white back – knowing that a gold declination could be introduced in a few weeks.

For its part, the iPhone X LCD, the cheapest of the three despite a 6.1-inch intermediate slab (against 5.8 for the X), would be satisfied with a single sensor in the back – like of the iPhone 8. On the other hand, the design without a Home button but with a notch of the X family. Always in the desire to propose a more affordable product, Apple would trade stainless steel for aluminum. It is recalled that this iPhone could be offered in several colors.

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