Nubia Red Magic 2 coming on October 31st?

Nubia has announced launch of Red Magic 2 in India under Rs 30000 which comes out as a sweet surprise for the gaming aficionados. Some of the features are already out and that too officially. Now the company is looking to launch its gaming phone in competition to Black Shark Helo by Xiaomi and Razer Phone 2 by Razer.

More Power to the Gamers

Companies are now putting extra efforts to make their smartphones gaming ready with top notch graphic options and beefed up battery powers. Moreover, the game makers are also designing games so that it can run smooth on the smartphones. There is no dearth of the smartphone ready titles such as Asphalt 9, Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Nubia Red magic caught the attention of the users for its unique form factor, a customizable LED RGB strip and sharp design.

The LED strip does not illuminates when there is no function happening in the smartphone. However, the light would glow up when the user receives notifications, receives calls or plugs the phone into charging. You can say that the strip works like the normal notification light but has a glamorous ring to it. On the specification front, Nubia Red Magic comes with 6-inch full HD screen and packs Snapdragon 845 SoC and 10GB of RAM.


LED Strip and More

Upon turning on the ‘Game Boost’, the light will illuminate. These LED stripes are customizable and can be set to react to the voice of the user. However, it could put an extra pressure on you smartphone’s battery. The image teased by the company also suggests that Red Magic 2 would be equipped with 3D surround sound which translates into phone having stereo speakers. Also, there is also 4D gaming options this time but beyond that the company has not provided any clue. You can however guess that it would include the haptic feedback for some Google play titles, similar to what Honor Play had. Nubia has also hinted about the liquid and air-cooling technology.

As of now, the launch date of the smartphone has not been mentioned but according to a Weibo post by Nubia, General Manager Ni Fie hinted that the smartphone could launch on October 31. But again it is not clear if Nubia X or Nubia Red Magic 2 would debut on the Halloween night. Chances are that both the phones launch on the same day.


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