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Smart ring India! Do you too feel Wearing Fitbit or smartwatch all the time is hectic for you? Not to worry! A smart ring is an alternative solution for you.

As we all know, People are more conscious about their health

Everyone wants to stay healthy, want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve this goal, they have to eat healthy food, do some kind of exercise every day to maintain the health.

So, people love to monitor their body system. How much calories they are burning every day, how many steps they walk every day, blood pressure is normal, the heartbeat is normal etc. Since technology has evolved a lot. So they have a choice to fulfill their wishes. Smart watches, bands are the trending gadgets to take care of all these things.

Can you wear smartwatch all the time? Big Nooooo from my side

Really I cannot wear smartwatch all the time. But this is not the case with my engagement ring which I wear all the time 24X7 and 365 days! If something similar to this is available in the market? which has some benefits on daily basis, then I will be more than happy to buy that for me.

Smart Ring

A smart ring can be an easy solution for people like me…

Yes, there is something called “Smart Ring” which can solve your problem.  Companies like motiv, Oura, during, Blinq and many others have introduced a smart ring in the market.

What is a smart ring?

you can say the smart ring is a family member of Smartwatch and smart bands .it’s a fitness tracker that can help you to monitor the steps, distance, and active minutes, as well as heart rate.

Even you can ask Alexa about your health status

The battery will last five days and it’s even waterproof to 50m. New Alexa support means you can check out your health status and stats data on by giving commands to Alexa. These rings are compatible with widely used OS in the market, IOS and Android.

It can be the best gift for your parents

If you are planning to gift something to your parents. It can be a great choice for you. because I think as a child first you care about your parent’s health than other things.you can connect these rings to the mobile apps and you can monitor the health of your parents.

Smart rings take care of your style as well

Along with a lot of features, these rings are stylish too. So don’t think there will be a leg in your style.

These rings can be found easily on Amazon.com  and ebay.com

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