PUBG Themed Restaurant in India: What an idea sir g!

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PUBG Themed Restaurant in India! Yes, you heard correct. Along with the good food, you have to provide eye-catching and unique interior design to attract more people.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds or popularly known as PUBG took the gaming fans by storm and since then the fans could not just keep from talking about how awesome the game is.

However, the PUBG fever was taken to another level in Jaipur, India when a restaurant of the same theme opened(PUBG Themed Restaurant in India). The name of the Restaurant comes with a little twist by replacing ‘Battle’ with ‘Belly’.

First of its Kind?

Well, not sure but until now we have not come across any other Restaurant across the globe on the same theme.

Fans of PUBG are across the world and India is no exception when it comes to the addiction to the game.

For those who are waking up to PUBG for the first time, it is a military –style shooter battle Royale game where total 100 players are dropped in one Battleground.

These players need to survive by killing other and surviving till death. The one who standstill the last would be declared as the winner. PUBG is available on Xbox One, iOS, PC and Android.

Halloween inspired features

Well, we can sense the craze would only ramp up with PUBG releasing the Halloween inspired features in the game. With the update, there would players would be able to deploy two new weapons in the game.

There would be an MK47 Mutant which can be found on Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. MK47 is capable of firing single shot or two-round burst modes and takes 7.62 mm bullets.

MK47 and M762 PUBG

For those who are looking to target their enemy from the safe distance would find MK47 mode ideal. Then, you also have something for close-range combat, the new Beryl M762 which is also an assault rifle and can be found on all three maps. Compared to MK47, Beryl has a much higher fire rate and is faster than the AKM.

PUBG goes Halloween

There are total seven Halloween themed items and costumes including the Pumpkin mask which would be available for free as the player logs in to the lobby. However, the other six Halloween themed items should be bought from PUBG in-game store. Here is the full detail for you:


  • Maniacal Butcher Set – 10,000 BP
  • Killer Clown Set – 1,800 G-Coin
  • Ancient Mummy Set – 1,600 G-Coin
  • Bloody Nurse Set – 2,100 G-Coin
  • Sinister Skull Mask – 7,000 BP
  • Pumpkin RIP-cord – 500 G-Coin

The new update also comes with a lot of Bugfixes, the system does not seem to be sluggish. Further, there is no frequent connection loss to the Host. Well, how far the fans of PUBG can go to show their love of the game – the new eating place in Jaipur is just a glimpse of it.



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