Business Analyst Interview Questions You should know about

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Business Analysts have been in great demand nowadays and if you are also looking to crack a BA interview, then here are the most asked questions list.

Most popular diagrams used in your field?

Use Case Diagram and Collaboration Diagram are the most common thing every Business Analyst must know. You can also explain a little about both the diagrams. If you are not a fresher then you also might have few examples to cite where you used both the diagrams in your previous organization.

What do you mean by extended and exceptions?

Start with saying that Extends is relationship depicted through the dotted line. The purpose of Extend is to pinpoint the optional behavior which has no independent meaning. Defining Exceptions is pretty simple as it is used in the same context as we use in our daily lives which is – an unexpected situation or result in an application.

Name few tools that come in handy for a Business Analyst?

You can talk about MS Visio, Rational Tools, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project and so on.

Take us through the steps required to develop a product from an Idea?

You have to perform, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Personas, Strategic Vision and Feature Set, Prioritize Features, Use Cases, SDLC, Storyboards, Test Cases, Monitoring, Scalability.

What do you mean by User-centered Design Methodology?

You have to tell the interviewer, that it all depends on the end user as the system is developed from the user’s point of view. We have to understand who are the end users and what do they seek. Don’t forget to mention the importance of Personas in such process.

What is 8-Omega?

8-Omega is a business framework that the firms and Businesses adopt for the betterment of their business. The key factors are Strategy, People, Process, and Technology.

What is Pareto Analysis?

I understand it as a decision-making technique commonly known as 80/20 rule. This analysis is often used for quality control and Defect resolution. The reason it is called 80/20 is that in an organization, 20% of the causes affect 80% of the process.

What do you know about BPMN?

BPMN stands for Business Protocol Model and Notation and is a graphical representation of business processes. Give them a short idea of BPMN gateway stating that it is the processing modeling component that regulated the interaction flow and the sequence of the processes. The five basic elements of BPMN are Flow Objects, Data, Connecting Objects, Swimlanes, and Artifacts.

What is BCG Matrix?

One of the most popular practices in Business Space, the BCG Matrix was developed to study various business processes and new product offerings. BCG Matrix can be used for various purposes such as Product Management, Brand Marketing, and Portfolio Analysis and so on.

BCG-matrix Business Analyst

Tell us about Scrum Method?

Scrum is deployed to design the iterative information systems wherein a small team handles the tasks assigned for a time period of 30 days in General. You can talk about different Agile Techniques as well.

Thanks for reading the article. Feel free to provide your feedback in the below comment section. What you like, don’t like or any concern.
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