DevOps Interview – Here are the Must-Have Skills

DevOps engineers are in demand as the organizations are looking to transform their business and prepare to be in line with the customer demands. According to a report, over the past 12 months, the demand for DevOps skill has surged by almost 31%. There has been significant increase in the demand of DevOps Managers, DevOps Engineers, and Senior DevOps Staff. While there are series of skills that might be required by the company, you should also make continuous efforts to upgrade the skills.

Know-how of Tools and Techniques – As a good DevOps engineer, you should have good knowledge of Techniques such as Continuous Integration, Source Control, Infrastructure Automation, Container Concepts, Deployment Automation&Orchestration, Cloud and so on. As a DevOp expert, you should always be curious to know and understand the new technology and skills that the companies are looking for.

Infrastructure Automation Tool – One of the most important aspects of the DevOps is automation that can be achieved through scripting languages such as Python, Shell, Ruby, Bash and so on. Make ensure that you have one such required skill where companies can use the automated process replacing the manual work. As a DevOps engineer, you should be capable of implementing the automation technologies and tools on all the levels. Automation is required on every stage and companies lagging in it would have to beef up the support which means massive cost to the organization. DevOps experts with know-how of cloud, on-prem and so on have a long way to go.

Decision Making – You have all the skills and knowledge of the latest updates but if you are not a decision maker, the interviewer might not consider you for the post. DevOps usually work in an extremely volatile environment where the decision must be taken instantly. You should be able to take quick decisions to fix the jumbled elements in the code.

Awareness of the Network – It is expected from a DevOps engineer to be aware of the Network. Eventually, the organization is concerned with delivering the application to the end user who will utilize it. Understanding the network is an important aspect because everything right from Designing to testing would be done in line with the Network. Incomplete understanding of the network might just mess up with the whole process.

Security – Coding is that one area that should be done in such a way that hackers do not find a way around it. Since the DevOps engineer involves quick cycle of development and deployment of code, chances are high that some vulnerabilities ae left open. These loopholes can be an easy route for the hackers to access the system and infect it. Therefore, the engineers are expected to come with the skills that could protect the applications from the sudden attacks.

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