What is Kotlin?

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In the IT industry, something common is the arrival of new technologies that change the environments already known to professionals, because organizations continuously seek to innovate to be more competitive.

Keeping track of these changes is fundamental for talent, as this allows them to improve their job opportunities by training in the tools that companies seek.

One of the technologies that are transforming mobile development for Android is the arrival of Kotlin, a programming language that gains popularity because in 2017 it was chosen as the official language for Android.

The beginnings of Kotlin go back to 2011 when JetBrains revealed the project as a new language for the Java Virtual Machine. It was thought of as a language with a bright and mature design, whose main objective is that coding is a more practical and effective experience.

The project leader, Andrey Breslav, defines this technology as an Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOP) of industrial quality, which is interoperable with Java.

Some of the applications that have been developed with Kotlin are Pinterest, Flipboard, Square. The developers of the apps chose this new language, due to the advantages it offers:

Increase the efficiency of the equipment.

Being quite clear and compact, the language allows increasing the ability of the team, thanks to its intuitive syntax. You can do more work since it takes less time and lines to write and implement the working code.

Easy maintenance.

Kotlin is compatible with a vast majority of environments, including Android Studio and other SDK tools. This helps to increase the productivity of the developers, because they can continue to work with the toolkit they are used to.

Less bugs.

Errors are detected at the time of compilation so that developers can correct mistakes before execution time.

Kotlin is a programming language that barely “takes off”, although it seems to have a rapid adoption, as shown by some vacancies in which it is recommended to have this knowledge, according to portals such as OCC, Indeed or Talenteca.

Due to the boost, it has from Google, in a few years, or even months, it is likely that Kotlin will go from being a recommended skill to essential for mobile developers.

If you are interested in this technology, in Mexico there is a course run by Bunsan, which seeks to train system professionals with necessary experience in a programming language, so that they can learn all the basics of developing Android applications in the Kotlin environment.

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