Know this before replacing Windows with Linux

If you are currently on Windows Operating system and looking to replace it by Linux, then few basic information could come in handy. Let’s start with the few basic questions we all have in our mind when we switch to a new system.

What is a Linux Distribution?

You would not find a standalone Linux to be very useful without adding various other programs and tools. Understand that Linux distributions are basically Linux Kernel with the GNU tools in addition to various applications. It is up to the developers to design a package and make their distribution.

Why so many Distributions?

Simple, since everyone has their different needs as to what do they actually want their operating system to be like, Linux distributions take care of that. With Linux, the users have great deal of options with range of window managers and Desktop environments.

Is it possible to try Linux without shutting out Windows?

Yes, there are various Linux versions available by the top developers that offer the Live version of the operating system. The system can be booted right away from the USB Drive. It is also possible to try Linux within a virtual machine with the help of Virtualbox. You can also dual boot Windows with Linux.

Will Hardware work with Linux?

Contrary to the common myth that Linux does not support hardware such as audio devices, scanners and printers, Linux is compatible with mast of the hardware. However, you would want to check if you have query regarding any specific device.

What about Flash Videos and MP3 Audio?

You would need to install software in various versions such as Fedora, Debian and OpenSuse to access Flash and MP3 Audio.

That’s all folks!

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