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This article will let you know about different website that you can join to make lots of money . They have been running for days and  have make a lots of people to become rich over time.This is quite interesting because you will have to invite people to earn a lot of money .


This is more like affiliate program. In this case you earn from audience.This can be your second job aside from office work by making extra income with ease.


I know it  may not be easy convincing others, but you should know that nothing come easy in this life. I will be introducing you to four different site that will enable you to earn like you never earn before, all you  need to do is pay a member fee and also invite friends. I will be listing the site below

Nnu news website

In this program you will have to sign up first before you can join this program, while signing up you will have to pay a member fee of about N1600. This websites shares news revenue, once you decided to sign up you will be taken to the payment page or better still buy a coupon code which you will fill in and submit.

Its either you pay through paystack or buy a coupon code and fill into the box provided, you need to contact the coupon code dealer on the website to get the code and fill it into the box provided then submit and become register member, you earn N1000 per referrer aside from this, you also get N50 daily for logging to read news update,for every news you read you get N2 per news, but to really earn you need to invite friends and family and minimum amount to withdraw is about N5000.

visit the nnu website here https://fy.gl/xfJ0W


Gist base website

This is a new website, just like nnu news website it also all about news, but you only earn more money by referring others,  their member fee is N1000,making comment is N2, posting news thread you get N20  per post and N500 per referrer,

visit this link to get started https://fy.gl/v0Nq


Startup cash website

This is not a news website, all you do here is to invite others to the website and tell them to join with a one time fee of N1700, after wish you have already join too and submit a business proposal,then you have a business page, once someone had sign up through your referrer link you tell them to look for your business page when they login and like your business, they should look  for your business page and like your business by clicking the like business box, every member like each other business , once they have register they will see your business page too , for every member that you like their business you earn N1 and when you refer others to join as well you earn 1020 per referrer ,you can cash out any time you reach N2500, everything depends on you to refer others to join and open your business page to like your business, for every 300 likes you achieve you earn N3000.

you can visit the link here https://fy.gl/aZqGp

Uplift website

This is all about earning, all you do is to pay a one time member fee of N5000 and earn N3000 per referrer. This website really need you to refer five people , to be able to earn income from sponsor daily post, which is N3000 per day and you also earn N3000 per referrer as well and lastly you earn  N3000 bonus monthly for one good year, you can visit the link https://fy.gl/gSvB




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