All you need to know about SQL Big Data Cluster 2019

Microsoft launched SQL Server 2019 at the Ignite event and the centerstage was taken by Big Data Cluster. Simply put, it is a major investment by Microsoft. The company took its one of the bestselling enterprise product and built it over the K8 infrastructure which could be a winning bet at renovating data base in most organizations.

What is Big Data Cluster

So, what exactly is Big Data Server and how does it help the customers who deploy SQL server. Big Data Clusters is a scale out, data virtualization platform, underneath which lies the Kubernetes container platform, more popularly known as K8s. Big data cluster makes it possible to run the components simultaneously and enable the user to read, write and process big data from Transact –SQL or Spark. SQL Server big data clusters help the user in integrating and analyzing high-value relational data with high-volume big data.

The many Benefits

It is possible to query an external data source by leveraging SQL Server PolyBase without the need to import the data. SQL Server preview offers range of new connectors to data sources. Big Data Cluster is also enriched with the HDFS Storage pool which comes in handy to directly store big data taken from diverse sources. It would be possible to analyze and query the data and integrate it with the significant set of data.

Yet another feature offered by SQL Server big data cluster is the scale-out compute and storage to enahance the performance while analyzing the data. Next, the users would also be able to run the AI and machine learning tasks on the data GDFS storage pools and the data pools. For this purpose, one can use built-in AI tools in SQL server with the help of R, Python or even Java.
There are so many other features that the Microsoft has talked about during the preview of the SQL Big data server such as Data plans, computer plane, management &monitoring and so on.


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