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Phones & Laptops
Uber Air Taxi ,Uber,Air Taxi

Uber Air Taxi – A Step to End Traffic Woes in Congested Cities

With road congestion problem increasing in big cities, Uber is developing an aerial ride service under its “Uber Elevate Program”. The service will debut in three cities including Dallas and Los Angeles, and a few options for the 3rd city.

Tesla Profit – Facts, Figures, Expectations, and Expert Views

Today, Tesla has grown to a name that represents the future of motor sports and private transportation. Though facing reluctance, skepticism, production problems, quarterly losses, and detractors, there is some unanimity that Tesla profit might increase further. Elon Musk, the futuristic idol, has become a talent magnet at the height of Apple or Alphabet.

Separated Sound Zone

Hyundai and Kia pose Separated Sound Zone in the Car

Listening to music with headphones was so far the only way that different people in the same car could enjoy their favorite songs, but now Hyundai and Kia engineers have developed a technology that could give a unique alternative.

Tech News

Global IoT for Public Safety Market

Global IoT for Public Safety Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2016-2024)   Global IoT for Public Safety Market has changed the paradigm of safety and

Latest From Beetechnical

The New “Robotic Skin” Can Turn Inanimate Objects Lively

Researchers at Yale University have developed a multifunctional elastic skin, equipped with sensors and actuators, that can bring movement to inert objects such as toys. A technology co-developed with NASA that could find applications in space.

amazon alexa microwave,Google assistance,Siri,Alexa voice assistant

Alexa, the Amazon’s Voice Assistant , in your Microwave?

Amazon would have in its boxes a range of new gadgets compatible with his voice assistant Alexa. There is the talk of home audio devices, for the automobile and even home appliances, including a microwave.

apple smart car seat,apple carplay india

Apple Smart Car Seat will Soon Alert the Driver in Case of Danger

The US Patent and Trademark Office has just granted Apple a patent describing a smart car seat. A seat that could alert the driver in case of a potentially dangerous situation via haptic effects! He would even be able to change his form to protect the person if he detects the risk of an accident.


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