We can not use the many things we have in our lives, but there is one thing we cannot resist that is our cell phone.

The use of smartphones has increased so much now. We can not imagine the solution to any problem without it. Everything you need can be found on your phone. This need headed to the new inventions.

Every day new technologies arrive on the market and people rush to buy them. Whenever a new phone is launched, people have already done it and they want to have it as soon as possible. Among all the phones just launched, One Plus 5t has an extraordinary space. In this post, we will analyze every one of the upsides and downsides of ONE PLUS 5T.

Let’s talk about the pros of Once plus 5t

  • It has 6.01 inch vibrant AMOLED display.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 shields the Display.
  • NFC and EIS for the supported camera.
  • Quickly open the camera by pressing the power button twice.
  • Advanced face detection software to identify and unlock
  • The LED notification.
  • supported by USB Type C cable.
  • Build well with glass and frame from front and back with aluminum.

There are few cons as well of OnePlus 5T

  • A one plus 5T phone does not support Netflix and Amazon Prime Video HD content, but they are working to fix it.
  • Although the Face Unlock function works very quickly, it is not very secure and even its organization has recognized themselves.
  • Note that the camera does not have a telephoto lens. So you just have to rely on the digital zoom, not on the optical zoom.
  • There is only one mono speaker.
  • If you scroll left on the home screen, there is currently no Google.
  • Because the back is slippery, you need to buy a leather case/ shell to protect your back. Furthermore, the camera also has something protruding.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of OnePlus smartphones is the problem with Android updates. The company does not tell you how long it will provide the latest Android updates to its devices. So, if you want the latest Android versions, you’ll have to think about it before continuing with your smartphone.

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