Siri can Decline Phone Calls with Customized Text Responses

Apple is surely looking into ways to make Siri more helpful for the iPhone users. In its latest efforts, the Cupertino, California based company wants the Siri to be smarter. It wants Siri to reply to the caller if his call has been missed by the iPhone user. With a little tweak here and there, Siri might actually be able to design customized responses based on caller. Aye! That leaves us asking how?

How will it work?

AppleInsider happened to get it hands on the latest patent filing which shows how Siri would pull the data from the Apple maps and frame a reply which included the street and the time required to reach the destination. The feature could come in handy who loves to make an appearance in the last minute. This and various other examples have been mentioned by Apple in the patent including the feature that involves CarPlay.


The application would kick in when it detects the incoming video or voice call. Siri would try to gather maximum data about the user’s situation. Some situations Siri would be considering includes location data, mode on which the user hang up the phoneto and data from the third-party apps by the users for specific purpose, say a fitness monitoring app and so on. Once, the smart digital assistant detects how caller relates to the user along with the data it collects, The app would frame an appropriate response. However, Apple is not ruling out user’s say in deciding on the responses. The user would be presented with multiple options for the response.

We cannot say that the technology mentioned in the patent would become the application for masses at some point of time because the tech juggernauts file numerous patents related to different technology but not all of them make it to the iPhones.


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