Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy X

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Do you think the Samsung Edge screen is nice? Something more interesting could come very soon. Samsung has been working on folding screens for several years. Now, the Korean giant could finally be ready to present its first fully flexible smartphone in 2018.

The components needed to produce between 2,000 and 3,000 folding Galaxy X phones have apparently been ordered by Samsung. The company is planning to produce a range of devices in the first half of this year. An anonymous source informed the investor that Samsung will “test the waters” with the limited prototype that could hit the market in the latter part of 2018.

If there are fewer devices manufactured, we can’t expect them to be available for the general public. The phone is featured with two OLED displays with a zipper in the middle. Screens, such as the Galaxy S8, can be used to create a seamless look.

The history of the Samsung Galaxy X goes back many years. So keep reading to fully know the Samsung’s efforts in releasing the folding phone.

Here is a brief summary of the news and rumors of Galaxy X:

A release date of the Samsung Galaxy X

Rumors indicate that Samsung folding phones will be ready by the end of 2018 and prototypes are already under development. However, there is no fixed release date for the so-called Galaxy X smartphone.

Design and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy X

There are rumors that the phone works in one way and probably uses a flexible OLED panel and a segmented design. This design could let the mobile to switch from a smartphone or tablet and even a portable option. In terms of technical data, rumors are rare – but we expect something similar to what we saw from the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of hardware.

Samsung Galaxy X Price

As there are rumors that the Samsung has limited the first series of smartphones Galaxy X, it is likely that the phone is expensive. This is almost certainly guaranteed, given the likelihood of increased hardware costs and the fact that the Galaxy S8 launched recently from £ 689 in the UK. Of course, we are not even sure that the Galaxy X phone exists right now, so it’s very difficult to speculate on the price at this point.


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