Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy Note 8! What Should You Buy?

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Based on all the rumors of Galaxy S9 and disclosed details, we want to help you compare the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 product. So, you can think about which phone is for your pocket.

Design and display

One thing is certain: the Galaxy Note 8 still has the largest screen in the Samsung 6.3-inch series. Galaxy S9 and S9 + can be screened at 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches, as S8 models last year. It is unclear whether Samsung wants to upgrade Super AMOLED panels to its new phones.


Given that Samsung promises to recall the cameras on the Galaxy S9, this is the main reason to wait for note 9 now. The SuperSpeed Dual Pixel camera must have an adjustable aperture of 1: 1.5 to 1: 2.4. This will allow S9 and S9 + to achieve good results in low light conditions. In addition, S9 and S9 + should offer faster autofocus.

However, S9 + should only offer two cameras that allow the same 2x optical zoom and current Live Focus features offered by Note 8.

Specifications and performance

If you are looking for the best Android phone, you would keep your hands on both the Galaxy S8 or S9 because they are the world’s first phone again with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

According to Qualcomm, the 845 chip promises a 25% improvement in “performance improvement”, which means you should expect faster application launch and better performance in demanding applications such as CPU time video editing. In addition, graphics performance should be increased by 30%. In addition, since Snapdragon 845 is better, S8 and S9 should last longer than their predecessors, even with the promised power boost.

On the other hand, the Snapdragon 835 chip of Note 8 is indifferent and is associated with 6 GB of RAM. Based on rumors, the S9 will come with 4GB of RAM and the most expensive S9 + will come with 6GB.

In terms of storage capacity, the S9 and 8 should be the same as 64 GB, while the Galaxy S9 + has doubled to 128 GB.

Special features and software

Galaxy Note 8 includes the included S-Pen, which allows you to draw, take notes, and even translate the languages during the operation. Screen off Memo, which allows you to rate things without your phone perfectly.

An interesting feature of S Pan is Live Messages, which allows you to send your scribbles as a short SMS animation to your friends and family.

Another feature of Note 8 is App Pair, which allows you to launch two applications at the same time. This function can lead to S9 and/or S9 +, but remains visible.

In addition to the most advanced cameras, the biggest updates for S9 and S9 + Intelligent Scan and a new AI UX. The previous function combines Face Detection and Iris Scan to unlock the device. AI UX refers to the use of artificial intelligence to predict your needs and make the interface easier to understand. This is likely to be based on Bixby assistant, who have received conflicting reviews today.

Price and value

While the Galaxy S8 and S8 + start at $ 850,750, a recent report said Galaxy S9 and S9 + could cost at least $ 100 more. Therefore, you can find the latest flagship Samsung $ 850 and $ 950.

Galaxy Note 8 costs about $ 950 for most couriers, but you can find it for as little as $ 899 in sales. See our Galaxy Note 8, which offers the latest offers.


Do you think this Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy Note 8 helped you in making a better decision? Feel free to provide your comments and concerns in the below comment section.
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