HTC Exodus Is More Than An Android Phone – Its A Blockchain Device

If you were thinking that Blockchain technology was just a fad, give it a second thought as some of the biggest organizations in the world are swearing by the groundbreaking technology. Taiwanese Smartphone maker HTC is the latest to join the likes of Facebook and Instagram as the company is working on a smartphone built on Blockchain technology. Codenamed as Exodus, the smartphone would run on Android and support the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum up and close. If that is not enough to create a buzz around the phone, HTC revealed that the phone would also come with “universal wallet” and a built-in secure hardware system to be compatible with the cryptos and decentralized applications. So what’s all the buzz about?

Well, the makers are claiming that the Blockchain smartphones would beef up the security of the device further by integrating “cold wallet” storage in the device and opening up door for the direct trading of the native cryptocurrency on the phone’s network sans mining fees.

Seems like HTC does not want to be a laggard in exploiting the full potential of Blockchain technology but the Taiwanese smartphone maker is not the first one to think of manufacturing such a phone.


Sirin Labs has already pumped up Finney, reportedly the world’s first blockchain smartphone. Named after Bitcoin developer Hal Finney, the phone is expected to launch later this year. A report from Engadget reveals that Finney would sit on Snapdragon 845 along with 6GB RAM and 128 GB Storage. Phone’s camera would be clocked in at 12 megapixels, f/1.8 lens with laser autofocus. On the front, it would supposedly be an 8 megapixel, f/2.2 Snapper with an 85-degree angle. A battery would be 3000 mAh, Bluetooth 5.0 and ultra-secure fingerprint sensor.

Well seems like HTC has a tough competitor to fight against. Meanwhile, Huawei is also testing waters when it comes to integrating the technology with its devices. To those who are completely green about how Blockchain can make smartphone better, you have some point unless the companies who are already working on it prove otherwise or maybe there is more than what’s visible to the bare eyes.



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