iPhone Reconditioned: Should You Buy it or Get a New One?

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Buy an iPhone without breaking the bank, mission impossible? Not necessarily. We can opt for an iPhone reconditioned model if we do not need the latest fashions. If you follow certain rules, there may be a good deal.

Apple announces every year the new iPhone and their prices are constantly breaking records. The iPhone XS Max, in its maximum configuration (256 Gb), climbs up to 1,659 euros. It’s expensive for many smartphone users. However, there may be good reasons to choose a less recent model and to lower the bill again through a refurbished iPhone.

Apple has often been accused of making the iPhone obsolete quickly. In recent years, however, the firm Tim Cook has made efforts on this point. Thus, iOS 12, the latest version of the operating system that animates the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, can still be installed on a wide variety of models, from the iPhone 5S to iPhone X and eight released year latest. Between these two models, it has been four years, and it is not impossible that iOS 13 still turns on many of them (maybe not the 5S).

We will not recommend the purchase of a model at the end of life limit. On the other hand, by going back one or two years, you may miss some features, but you certainly should not end up with an unusable smartphone.

iphone reconditioned

Did iPhone recondition…? Under what conditions?

A refurbished product is not just a used product. It is supposed to have been refurbished (screen, shell, battery) and has no difference with a new product. The repackaging is usually managed by specialized factories, and products are offered with guarantee of 6 months, often extensible.

Depending on the shops and models, different grades may be offered. If you want an iPhone without the slightest scratch, require a label “reconditioned nine” that should satisfy you.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone?

The first reason is financial: even the most affordable models of Apple are still above the 400 euro mark. In reconditioned, we can approach 200 euros on the same models.

Repackaging can also be a way to acquire models that are no longer made by Apple. The Cupertino company is changing its range every year, and the iPhone SE for example, which is only two years old, is no longer in the catalog of the brand.

Finally, if, despite everything, you want a manufacturer’s warranty, go through the “official” channel, or at least the Apple’s repackaging service, which allows you to complete the warranty with an Apple Care service.

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