The Latest Android P features with advanced Artificial Intelligence!

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Google has finally released the open beta for the next version of its mobile operating system! Introducing to you the new Android P features.

If you have one of these devices (Essential Phone, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro e Vivo X21 and Pixel), you can move forward with the beta of Android P. but be careful: it is easy to install the new operating system, but if you regret or this is not very stable, going back implies taking back an old version of Android and losing all data on the device.

Wind Down

Using this feature, you can set the nighttime bedtime. Your smartphone automatically takes on the “do not disturb” profile by switching the screen to gray tones.

Screen illumination has also been improved by introducing artificial intelligence to identify the brightness of user preferences. The feature works by adjusting brightness level under light conditions in the new Adaptive Brightness feature.


This is a feature that lets you know how much time you spend with your smartphone in a detailed way. Providing time spent on sending messages, surfing the internet, making calls, or accessing streaming content. This feature can be added to some applications with a tendency to be used for a long time, like YouTube. It triggers messages of pause recommendations when configured by users.

In addition, the new operating system debuts the Slices system, which allows application developers to use the Android API to introduce contextual suggestions associated with using the apps. If you search for a taxi, you will be presented with the option to call a car without having to open its application.
Apps, in general, will also benefit from artificial intelligence to introduce more contextual functionality based on their use.

Google has been increasingly concerned with device autonomy. To extend the battery, a monitoring application has been introduced, quickly connecting to the save mode when it reaches certain charge values. In addition, the system adapts to the use of open applications more frequently, restricting energy to the rest.

There are many other features you can explore in the new Android P, such as new gesture actions and the mapping of closed locations on Google Maps, such as shopping centers. Security and privacy are also issues in the operating system.


How did you like the new features of the upcoming Android version? Feel free to provide your comments and concerns in the comment section. Also share the new Android P features that you know.
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