Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Be Foldable

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There are very few smartphone makers across the globe who keep the buzz around them alive throughout the year and Samsung is one of them. With only two months into the launch of flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, the rumors of foldable Galaxy S10 is already out there.

‘Beyond and Morefoldable-samsung-phone

A report from the Korean publication, The Bell has interestingly claimed the Galaxy S10 is codenamed ‘Beyond’ while it is still under the designing phase. Just like any other tech company, Samsung also refers its gadgets in making with a codeword until its official name is revealed. For Galaxy S8 the codename was ‘Dream’ and for Galaxy S9 it was ‘Star’.

One of the biggest challenges that the smartphone makers across the world have been facing is rendering a foldable screen to the smartphones. However, if what reports suggest is right then Samsung might set a high bar for its peers by launching a foldable Galaxy S10 next year. Well, the fantasy features desired by the users in their smartphones have pushed the biggest companies in the world to walk an extra mile.

Another feature which is doing the rounds many months before the actual phone gets released is Fingerprint on Display. Well, we have heard about this before and as the name suggests it could be the fingerprint underneath the screen rather than the usual spots. Embedded fingerprint sensor has been the longing for the South Korean giant for very long and whether it materializes into reality or goes into oblivion is yet to be seen. Samsung wanted to include the feature in Galaxy S8 but had to give up due to technical glitches.

Samsung has however spun around the approach a little according to a WIPO patent filing. Now, the Galaxy smartphone range maker is looking to embed the fingerprint scanner under the entire screen, an approach we are sure not any other smartphone maker is working on except for Vivo.

The report reveals more facts, further convincing that Galaxy S10 is definitely going to be a groundbreaking smartphone. It suggests that the procurement for the foldable smartphone might start from November as the firm decides to ship 300,000 to 500,000 units on a monthly basis. It further reads that Samsung has already confirmed that it has handed out the foldable prototypes handset at CES 2018 hosted in January.

Whether or not Samsung achieves its long time dream with Galaxy S10 remains to be seen but the rumor mills are churning that the company is definitely working towards that.

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