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Shark Tank Products on Amazon, Amazon has joined hands with Shark Tank to become its official retail partner in a huge boost to the entrepreneurs.

The new partnership would enable Amazon to display the previous, current and running “Shark Tank” products on its website. Also, every eligible “Shark Tank” entrepreneur would get $15,000 Amazon Web Service credit.

Amazon Launchpad it is

The largest online retailer would make available all the Shark Tank Collection on Amazon Launchpad. Amazon Launchpad was first unveiled for showcasing the hardware and Physical goods startup in 2015. Amazon believes, that such platforms enable the consumers to put their money into groundbreaking products. Such as Caspar mattresses, euro’s Home Wi-fi system and so on.

The Amazon Launchpad program is all about empowering creators and inventors

Jim Adkins, a vice president at Amazon, said in a statement that, “The Amazon Launchpad program is all about empowering creators and inventors, enabling them to reach hundreds of millions of customers.” Adkins further stated that with such collaboration, Amazon is making it easier and more enjoyable experience for the customers to find out about innovations and unique products.

Shark Tank’ would have their store on

Shark Tank Investor Barbara Corcoran stated that for the first time ‘Shark Tank’ would have their store on Corcoran added that “We are excited for the Amazon Launchpad Shark Tank Collection to bring products from our entrepreneurs to retail for customers and fans of the series.”


As of now, Amazon is showcasing some 70 Shark Tank products on its website. The items include a pop-up card from Lovepop team, surprise Ride Activity Kits, The Comfy, The Mission Belt, Bottle Breacher and so on.


So while the customers would have access to some of the best ideas and technologies on Amazon, the retail giant would closely monitor the activity on each new product. As the demand for a specific product increases, Amazon could very well device a strategy to acquire the start-up.


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