Best Google tools to improve your web page

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Google is the search engine of reference in the entire world, so we appreciate any advice or help it give us to improve the quality and positioning of our website.

Google is the default preference of most internet users and Internet-connected devices means that, whether we like it or not. It is the one that sets the rules of how a website should work to be successful, receive visits and appear in the first results of the searches.

Luckily, in some aspects, you do not have to stick your heads out, because Google usually publishes and provides consultation material and tools that help us in our purpose: that our website be visible and receive visits.

So, if you want to improve your website so that it complies with Google standards, we propose some of its official tools. Not all, like the popular Google Analytics or Google AdWords, because we would never end, but the most remarkable.


PageSpeed Insights

We will start with speed, one of the basic pillars of the current web. It is useless to have a good web page if your content does not load instantly and, on any device, despite your connection.

PageSpeed Insights allows us to analyze our website to check the loading speed on mobile and desktop devices and gives us the advice to improve our brand.

In addition to the analysis tool, Google offers its PageSpeed Modules or PageSpeed modules to install on Apache and Nginx servers. These modules will help the server to be more effective in loading our website.


Mobile optimization test

Mobile devices begin to overshadow the computers of all life in terms of Internet access. This means that it is convenient to think about our website for desktop devices as well as for tablets and smartphones.

Test of optimization for mobile is the tool of Google that will tell us if our website is optimized for mobile devices or if we should take some measure of correction.

We introduce the link; the tool performs its analysis and, in the end, it will tell us what we do well and what we can improve so that our website loads well on mobile devices.


Google Chrome: Device Mode

In relation to the previous test, if you use the Google Chrome browser, from your options for web developers, we can check how a web page loads in different conditions, both the speed of the connection and the type of device and screen size.

Simply open your website, right-click anywhere, choose Inspect and the development tools panel will open. If we click on the icon that shows a tablet and a smartphone, we can work with different combinations (iPhone, iPad, Pixel, Galaxy), specific resolutions and simulate an optimal charge or one with a low battery.


Search Console

How is your webpage displayed in Google results? Search Console is the tool that will answer this question and many others related to search results, SEO optimization, etc.

With Search Console, you will ensure that your web page is detected by Google bots and indexed well in your search results. You can also add new content or delete the one you do not want to appear in searches.


Google Chrome: Audits

Following the Google Chrome browser, when accessing the developer tools, from the Audits tab, it is possible to carry out an in-depth analysis of the web page that we have open at that moment.

The purpose of Audits is to tell us if there are problems with loading, accessibility, behavior, etc. It will also give us advice on SEO and good practices.


Google Trends

Content is valuable, and Google Trends will help us know which topics are the most wanted in different countries and regions.

In addition to the most relevant topics, we can perform specific searches and see the evolution of topics and keywords over time.

With Google Trends we will have a little help to focus our content better and know what interests’ users.


Think with Google

Finally, more than a tool, think with Google is a space to learn a little more about the ins and outs of Google and its possibilities focused on marketing and positioning.

Available in several languages and with versions for different countries, Think with Google that offers tools and articles on data, advertising, web development, trends, etc.

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