Dot Net Interview questions for Experience

  • What is connection pooling?
  • When should we use connection pooling?
  • What is strong Dll?
  • What is bucketing in the database?
  • Do we need a certificate in client machine for HTTPS?
  • What is two-factor authentication?
  • Can we use singleton in reservation system?
  • What is ref keyword in C#?
  •  Can we determine when an object goes out of the reference?
  • What is a conditional and unconditional update in Ajax?
  • What is message lever security?
  • Can we use the function in where clause?
  • What is Order in the Func Input or return type?
  • What is the difference between ref and out keyword?
  • How to thread safe Singleton class?
  • The difference between interface and  abstract class?
  • When to use interface and Abstract class.
  • What are Extension methods in C#?
  • What is anonymous  function and how to use this?

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