Managing social networks has never been so simple

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Social networks came to the lives of many a couple of years ago. Since then, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have been incorporated into the day to day of clients and companies that seek to know the best way to manage them. We tell you how to do it.

Social networks have become more than mere entertainment platforms. For some time now, companies and businesses have found in them a market niche to exploit, and the results guarantee their success. To be promoted, to approach the public and to interact with people is easier than ever thanks to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, among others.

Few people escape from them and do not know their use. But, yes, knowing how to manage them correctly is a not so widespread task. Although, fortunately, the most complete and competent tools have been put together to make the productivity and efficiency of social networks go from a sufficient to an outstanding one. Ready to meet them?


If you are integrated in one way or another in the world of communication, it is quite difficult not to have heard of Hootsuite. It is the most popular tool when it comes to managing social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ can be programmed from Hootsuite through an application directory where you can handle them.

See the mentions, the ‘Like’, respond to comments, post messages … There are many programming and management capabilities that this tool provides. It also has an interface organized by different tabs in accordance with the various social networks that have adhered to each profile. A very intuitive organization that can be accessed for free through the free plan.


A suitable option for a beginner, although not for large companies, who have at their disposal two types of paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. While the free program allows obtaining up to three reports, quite necessary; those of payment include. In addition, another more advanced report. Even so, if you are not happy with the aesthetics of the reports or are considered few, you can always pay a little more to get better results.

If only one person is responsible for managing social networks, the free plan is the best option. But when you want to include another person in the plan, it will be necessary to hire the pro, where the rate includes up to two members, with the user already created. Of course, including one more person is already an extra expense and allows a maximum of ten users.

Hootsuite has a mobile app with an interface in line with the desktop, where, in addition to controlling and programming the different social networks, it also offers graphics about the performance of the content.


Although initially only had Twitter, now Buffer includes networks than ever before had been thought. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest have already been included in this tool that allows the programming of publications of both profiles and pages and groups in the case of the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg.


Like Hootsuite, it has a free plan that offers quite basic reports, and to access better information, it is necessary to invest. There are two paid plans: Awesome and Business. The first one is more suitable for particular profiles, and for ten euros a month it offers access, for a single user, to ten social network accounts. Therefore, if it is a business, it is better to resort to the Business plan where, for almost one hundred euros a month, up to six members can be added to the team and twenty-five social media accounts can be controlled.

Scheduling publications or receiving reports are the only functions offered by this tool whose mobile app leaves a lot to be desired. If what you want is to have more detailed analytics, manage conversations and customer service, it is better to bet on the following tool.


Like Buffer, Agorapulse started just managing a social network, Facebook. But some years ago, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ pages and Facebook pages, as well as LinkedIn profiles and pages, have joined this tool.

Agorapulse is the most appropriate of all these web options to carry out the management of conversations, showing both mentions and comments that do require a response. An advantage that also adds the opportunity it gives to delegate roles in other members of the team. Also, the reports of this tool are the most detailed and offer the possibility of downloading a Powerpoint version and accessing competitor analysis.


Yes, everything has a price and Agorapulse was not going to be less. Although it offers free trials, there is no free plan. The cheapest plan, and, recommended for freelancers, reaches forty-nine euros per month, allowing up to three social networks with only one member. Adding another social network means 15 euros extra; and one more user, thirty-nine. Up to three more plans are offered where the Business is the most expensive, with a rate of two hundred and ninety-nine euros per month. Of course, you can control up to forty social networks and have twelve members.

Social Sprout

Thirty days of testing is what this tool allows, where the cheapest plan reaches almost one hundred euros per month. A bit more expensive, although it provides more powerful reports that the rest of social network management tools.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram are integrated into the Sprout Social entry box. An organization that allows the mentions, messages and comments to be filtered by social networks.

It also has an app for the mobile where, as in the desktop version, different teams are allowed to delegate account groups to the various members of the same.



It is the tool that most social networks can manage. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, WordPress and Blogspot are included among them.

It differs from the rest in its plans. Or, preferably, in the content of them. Instead of including a series of social networks, their rates are specified by the number of services that each plan covers. Among others, the geolocation function stands out, with which to reach specific audiences better, or the possibility of integrating Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva.

As in other tools, the most basic plan is built on a single user, and only by contracting a more significant project will it be possible to add new additional users with the consequent extra payment for each one.

Like Sprout Social, it presents a unified inbox, albeit with a novelty. And it is that the mailbox of Sensible has the option of view by priority, that is to say, it is possible to be selected that the most important messages appear at the beginning.

A whole series of tools that provide user service, free of charge, proper management of social networks. Of course, as almost always, if you want to have better services, there will be no choice but to scratch your pocket a little.

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