Now parents are hiring Fortnite coaches to Help Kids Excel at the Game

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Fortnite: parents pay coaches to their kids (and it does not matter)

The game Fortnite is so popular with pre-teens that some parents have decided to pay them lessons by private coaches for them to improve, but also to spend more time with them.

Coaches for Fortnite

Many parents are now offering personal coaching services to help their children improve at the Fortnite video game, a Wall Street Journal survey of July 31, 2018, which has been widely talked about since. Sessions can cost between $ 20 and $ 50, and children are often very young (ages 10 to 14). Two arguments that raise many levees.

According to the WSJ, the local small job search platform Bidvine has hired more than 1,400 Fortnite coaches since March 2018. 40 million monthly players now frequent the game of construction and survival.

Following the publication of these testimonials, many Internet users have expressed outrage at such a trend. If private lessons to become a better gamer are not new, it is rarer to learn that parents offer their children to become better. The underlying criticism is a general judgment against parents, suspected of encouraging their offspring to play video games instead of “frolicking in the woods”.


The Wall Street Journal quotes a mother who paid four hours of lessons (for a total of $ 50) for her 10-year-old to become unbeatable at Fortnite: ” At school, it’s not just the pressure to play, he has the pressure to be the best at this game,” she explains.

In a similar report, ABC’s Good Morning America show that customers who pay for private lessons also do so to take an interest in their children’s favorite activity – almost all boys. A father interviewed explains as follows: “The time we spend with them is insufficient, especially with our jobs. I watched them play, and I thought, ‘I should be interested in it’ “. And to specify that he would prefer “playing golf” with them, but that it was a way of finding common points with his children.


Some parents, like Nick Mennen, cited in the WSJ article, believe that it is as much about getting closer to his children as helping them for their future career (he pays his son about 6 hours of course per month). Last April, Ashland University in Ohio was the first to offer a scholarship to Fortnite players.

And even without training, the most experienced players can earn a lot of money through their YouTube channels or Twitch, on which they film themselves playing. Ninja, one of the most-watched gamers on the Fortnite scene (he even plays with singer Drake), would earn at least $ 350,000 a month through subscriptions to his Twitch channel.

But to reach such a level, you have to know how to play, but also to maintain your community, and dedicate yourself full time to your actions, not to mention its hours. There is currently no coaching to become the best Fortnite streamer.

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