This is what the new Xiaomi brand promises will focus on premium range phones

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Today is officially presented ‘POCO by Xiaomi’, a secondary brand of Xiaomi that will act independently. Traditionally the Chinese manufacturer has been associated with cheap phones and with a reasonable quality/price, but while that has served on numerous occasions also plays against them when they try to make a dent in the high range.

For the creation of POCO, Xiaomi has opted for Jai Mani, a former product manager at Google and one of Xiaomi’s most important executives in India. Now Jai Mani will have the task entrusted to lead a new brand that will sell mobile phones in several countries, including India and Europe.

Xiaomi creates a secondary brand Oppo style with OnePlus

The creation of POCO is similar to what we have seen on other occasions with different manufacturers. Xiaomi itself already has a secondary brand like Black Shark, its mobile gaming. However, the objective of POCO would be much more ambitious. We are facing a project equivalent to the one that the Electronics group (Oppo / Vivo) have with OnePlus. Or in its own way Huawei and Honor, although in the latter case the style would be different.


The goal will be to create a premium high-end mobile. The focus of Xiaomi does not help them to deal with the mobile of 1,000 euros. With POCO you will try to offer the highest quality but focused on speed. An approach that again reminds us of OnePlus, where performance is its top priority.

We will have to wait to know more details about this new brand and if they will bet on more products besides smartphones.

Pocophone F1, its first terminal has already been filtered

The first device of POCO will be the Pocophone F1, a high-end model that has already been filtered with several features that are well known to us. On the one hand, we have the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor.

In its interior, we would also have 4,000 mAh of battery, and it has been confirmed that it would add liquid and infrared refrigeration. Also, USB port type C, 3.5mm jack and 20-megapixel front camera. Located that yes inside the ‘notch’, an element that all the manufacturers except for very few, seem to have embraced.

1366_2000 (1)

The price of this F1 Littlephone would remain around five hundred euros, according to the information leaked. We would have two versions, one of 6 / 64GB and another of 8 / 128GB, but this could vary depending on the market.

We will wait at the end of the month to know more details about this new brand at an event organized in Paris, where it is expected that the new Pocophone F1 will also be released.

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