Digital transformation must go beyond the IT area!

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90% of executives of companies operating in Latin America believe that digital transformation is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the Information Technology (IT) area. According to a recent study by Xertica, the Cloud consultancy that enables and accompanies in the process of digital transformation to companies in the region.

The survey, called “The state of digital transformation in Latin America,” was applied to company leaders from across the region, revealing that the process of digital transformation requires investment in technological tools and a change of culture within the organization and, for this reason, 36.6% of respondents invested almost 10% their annual budget in technology and 33.33% invested between 10 and 20%.

Antonio Couttolenc, CEO of Xertica, says that the development of fundamental technologies for companies, such as Cloud Computing (which will support other key technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and others), has led to a change of roles and has led to rethinking the responsibilities of a business leader.

“The digital transformation is a transversal journey of the whole company. As new technologies become the heart of an institution, the commercial and marketing areas, driven by sales targets and accelerated growth rates of companies, tend to lead and promote the use of digital tools, “said Couttolenc.

Results in Mexico

Among the most important discoveries of the survey between companies in this country highlights the impact of the cloud, because 80% of the organizations surveyed said they perceive an increase in their productivity. For 74.8%, new Cloud technologies benefited their sales volumes

It should be noted that among the critical points represented by the cloud for participants from Mexico, 23.7% highlighted collaboration, followed by mobility for 14.9%.

Couttolenc assures that what is essential in the process of digital transformation is that all the employees of a company understand a minimum of technology without being experts. But above all, that they know how technology will change the business. And, regardless of the area, everyone can be digital leaders.

“At Xertica we believe that change management is key to achieving an effective digital transformation of the business. The most important thing is that the transformation and change of internal culture is achieved, working differently, “said the CEO of Xertica.

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