How to make money with Instagram?

Last year, Instagram became a real force to consider in the world of marketing. Since January, it has gained 100 million monthly active users, with a total of 400 million monthly users and 75 million daily users. If you want to know how to make money with Instagram read this post.

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These are high figures, so it is not surprising that brands dedicate a substantial percentage of their social media marketing budget to this communication channel.


Now is the perfect time to take advantage of its growing popularity. If you’re ready to spend time, you can start working on this network and make money with Instagram.


Like bloggers, YouTube users or anyone who has gathered an audience with the content they produce, Instagram users have reach and influence. Two things that many companies struggle with.


Together, these two reasons provide the opportunity for influencers to offer multiple potential revenue streams. If you optimize your channel well, you can get interesting money flows.


How to make money with Instagram


Surely the first question you ask yourself is: how many followers do I need to earn money? The short answer is ” not as many as you think.” The long answer depends on factors that vary from:


In what niche you are and how easily you can link directly to a product category (fashion, food, fitness, and beauty are popular niches, based on the main hashtags).


How committed your followers are with you. That is, false followers, do not count. It is not just a number that brands seek.


What income channels you explore, does not always have to be economic profitability. Although of course, the more followers you have, the better. These are some of the main ways that answer the question of how to make money with Instagram:


Work with brands in sponsored publications

One of the main ways to answer the question of how to make money with Instagram are sponsored publications. It is considered to influence anyone who has forged an online reputation by sharing publications that they have hooked. For your audience, influencers are trendsetters and experts in certain topics whose opinions are respected.


Many brands cannot compete with that and, therefore, are associated with influencers to make sponsored publications that help to give greater visibility to their products.

But it’s not just the scope of the Instagram account that brands look for. It is the confidence and engagement that the audience has with its content.

Sometimes it can be easy to lose integrity with an influencer. Do not accept sponsored publications of brands that are not related to your taste just for money. If that is not what you care about, you will always have the freedom to be selective with the brands you work with.


How to decide what to charge as an influencer?

Generally, these offers influence the creation of content, a publication, video or Instagram story, and sometimes include permission to use this content on the brand’s own site or in an advertisement.

Most of these offers are negotiable and may involve a single publication or a complete campaign. You are usually charged with a fee, a free product, a service, a gift or a combination of these.


When negotiating, keep in mind that you are not only offering content but also access to your audience, a potentially broad reach on one of the most popular social platforms and usage rights.

It is also important how to influence your own audience. Depending on the type of interaction you have with your audience, your level of impact and even the level of engagement you have with your followers’ influences when requesting a rate or another.


The best thing is to draw numbers from other campaigns or Instagram Analytics. This will help you be prepared when the time comes to negotiate.


How to find brands to work with?

Now that you know how to make money with Instagram, it’s time to find the perfect brands for you. If you are big enough in a number of followers, it is likely that brands will see you. But you can also look for brands to work with. Brands that are not so big either but have a certain affinity in terms of personality and values.


You can communicate with them directly to try to reach an agreement. Choose the brands you would like to collaborate with and get in touch with them. If they are not very large brands, they will surely respond with a yes.


The rules usually vary when it comes to sponsored content, but to be sure and respect the confidence of your audience, consider the option of adding a hashtag or something of the style to indicate the sponsored publications. Being transparent about the subject of sponsorships will not affect your credibility.


Affiliate marketing

Unlike an influencer, an affiliate is more aimed at creating conversions for the brand with which they have affiliated in exchange for a commission.


This is usually done with a trackable link or a unique promotion code to ensure exactly how many clicks translate into sales. Instagram still does not allow links unless you put them in your biography or in a story (only for users who have more than 10k).


If you want to know how to make money with Instagram, this is a simple way to do it. If you already have a moderately known profile, the chances are that before working on sponsored posts, you develop this type of collaborations with brands. Or you can also explore using platforms to do it:


  • Click Bank: an affiliate marketing platform with a commission based on levels. It is open to all.
  • Reward Style: a network of fashion and lifestyle influencers by invitation only. But it offers 20% commissions.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: this is one of the most popular options. You will get a commission of 10%.


Tip: Affiliate links look ugly, so it is advisable to use a URL shortener like . Especially if you’re going to put it in your Instagram biography.


 Open your own online store

The truth is that it may seem that one of the only ways to answer the question of how to make money with Instagram is by ” selling ” your content in your profiles and working with other brands. But nothing is further from reality.


You can also sell your own products. Whether you are an influencer or not, you can create your e-commerce and launch yourself to it. You can sell physical objects, services or digital items that can be an extension of your brand, building a business with the ” help ” of your audience.


It is necessary to invest a little time, but that comes from the plans of anyone who is undertaking. When selling your products, you do not need to worry about integrating messages from other brands into your content marketing strategy.


You will be the one who dictates your rules of the game, your brand image, and your business development. It is your brand, and you will manage it your way.


Ways to sell your products


You can create a clothing line or accessories that is a permanent collection or a capsule collection. Or also a purchase service on demand. In the case of Dulceida Shop’s success, she is an influencer who has created her clothing brand with summer and winter collections. A way to manage your own branding.


It is not a bad idea to sell your services as an expert in any subject. You can sell for example your services as a photographer, webinars, practical guides or even ebooks. Or even personalized plans. Everything that can help a person to do their job better. In this case, your social networks will be your ally to let you know. They can be physical or digital products.


You can use your Instagram account to launch a business that sells your original products.

If you plan to sell several items in your own store, you can also make your Instagram a showcase that follows a joint strategy with your website. You can use photos in gallery format or even photos of the campaign itself. In addition, you could also show pictures of people using your products; it will give you prestige.


Instagram as e-commerce


Instagram’s latest addition helps boost your brand purchases through the platform itself. You can sell your products directly through the platform.


With Instagram Shopping stores can add labels with prices of each product as seen in the photo. So when you’re watching it, if you’re interested, you can purchase simply. It is a perfect option if you create your own online store with your products.


You also have the last option but not least. Now that you know how to make money with Instagram on your own, we tell you that you can also do it through content marketing platforms such as Coobis.

Coobis has more than 2,000 registered advertisers including many of the leading brands in the main sectors of activity. It’s as simple as signing up on the platform and waiting for the brands to start contacting you.
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