If something has the world of social networks, is that every day they get updated. Mark Zuckerberg platforms have been able to implement a series of novelties to continue conquering the hearts of users during this year. We make a summary of the main updates that have been released, and you should know for 2019.

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Keeping up is an essential aspect for many of the users. However, it is essential for those brands and people who are professionally dedicated to the Social Media sector.  Social media strategies have had to adapt to the changes introduced during the last months.


95.1% of users who use Facebook do so from mobile devices

Now we have new functions, tools, and statistics. So before knowing the updates that are coming, we collect a summary of the main news of Facebook that you should know for 2019.


Shopping on Instagram Stories

With the Shopping feature in Instagram Stories, the platform seeks to create more interactive and attractive shopping experiences for users.

When creating the story, the company only has to add a tag linked to a previously added product. When users click on it, they automatically obtain more information about that item and have the option to make a quick and simple purchase through the advertiser’s website.

Ads on Facebook Stories

After several months of testing, in September advertising was launched on Facebook Stories worldwide. After the good results of the announcements of this format on Instagram, the social network considered that it was the opportune moment so that the advertisers could also benefit from its great potential through Facebook.

These new ads can be included in the news section or Instagram Stories Ads campaigns. They also have the same objectives that were already implemented successfully in their other social network: reach, brand recognition, video reproductions, application installations, conversions, traffic and generation of potential customers.

The ability to create ads in Facebook stories is a new format for companies to promote their products in a full-screen surround environment.

Augmented reality in ads

It is a technology that has long been a success in different social networks. With the intention of capturing the attention of users and creating a deeper connection with brands, was implemented in augmented reality in Facebook Ads.

The new ads improve our experience by inviting us to interact with the content. It allows, with a single click, to make a virtual test of the promoted product. Thus, this novelty of Facebook could mean a significant increase in the sales of advertisers within its platform.


Interactive ads for gamers

In its effort to make life easier for advertisers and optimize their ability to capture, Facebook has also implemented interactive ads for games. A novelty designed to help game developers connect with their gamers. The new format allows users to try a game before installing it. That way, advertisers can increase their ROI. It also supposes a new impulse to the star format of the social networks: the video.


Recommendations of the users about your Page

Facebook knows the maxim that there is no better publicity than a satisfied customer. Also, according to the statistics of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, one in three users use their platform to consult opinions about products and services. For this reason last summer he implemented a new function that allows users to write recommendations about the companies with which they interact.

Now customers can post ratings that include text, photos, and labels. With this news from Facebook, the members of the community of a company can become their best ambassadors. Besides, it will allow you to expand your reach and reach new potential customers quickly and efficiently.


Redesign of mobile pages

Among its main updates, Facebook has incorporated changes in the design of its mobile app. With the intention of facilitating the navigation and the interaction of the users, they have introduced novelties that enable the follow-up of the conversation within the line of comments of a publication.

It also prompted a series of changes on the color contrast and the size of the typography that facilitate readability in the mobile device. Finally, one of the most noticeable changes was the move from square to round avatars, very similar to Instagram.


New statistics in the videos

We have known for some time that the most attractive format for consumers is video. Facebook has been making constant improvements to facilitate its work to the creators of these contents. In May, it announced new quantitative and qualitative metrics to optimize the organic strategies of page managers.

A few months later, he implemented improvements in the statistical reports of advertising in video format. So companies can get more relevant data on how users consume their ads.

Among the news from Facebook, we find new metrics that help us extract more complete statistics on the impact of our videos whether they are inorganic publications or ads. The social network aims to understand user habits of users better to improve this type of content.


New video creation options

In August the Zuckerberg platform announced important news for the creators of video ads. Facebook launched a series of tools to create and optimize videos. A kit that helps you convert your photos into videos optimized for mobile devices. It also contains a set of predesigned templates depending on the objective that the advertiser is looking for.


Improvements in the functionalities of company pages

In order to improve the user experience, Facebook announced the launch of new call-to-action buttons. This function can be configured through the different predesigned templates that the company can select. On the other hand, the social network reported that it wants to facilitate business promotion of their events and their job offers through its platform.


Similar audiences based on the value

The latest of the Facebook news that you should know is related to similar audiences. This type of segmentation exists since 2014. However, in 2018 Facebook has taken a step further.

The creation of similar audiences based on the value of the client allows companies to reach similar people to the clients that generate the most profitability. No doubt advertisers will be happy to be able to reach potential customers with a high interest in their product and with a high purchase intention.

These are some of the main novelties that Facebook has been announcing throughout this year. So, what do you think where these updates that have arrived in 2019 will go?
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