Investors search for the new avenues to maximize their profit but the technical and geographical boundaries act as a barrier often. Pune based Fintech startup Zambala seems to have paid heed to investors and came up with the dream opportunity. The platform offers the investors to invest in the market leaders such as Facebook and Amazon. The app is simply a unique platform for US and India markets wherein investors would be able to buy and sell the stocks through the app. Further, the platform would also track the investment for the investors in addition to offering them the advisory.FAANG 1

Investors Get Like Never Before Access

The app offers a unique opportunity to the Indian investors who want to make a profit in other markets. A marketplace harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Zambala is a platform for the SEBI registered brokerage houses and market experts. The investors can connect freely to the platform without having to pay the brokerage and other fees. The startup claims that they are the first such platform to bring bourses of both the countries at one place.

Other than the equity, the app would also advise on the Mutual fund’s investment. Zambala which stands wealth in Buddhism was started by Achal Darbari and Amitabh Srivastava as Zenwise Technologies.  Investors would be exposed to two set of market experts – one being the impaneled including the likes of Neeraj Puri, Prakash Diwan, Vipul Ratna and so on. The other platform would be open for the public experts.

Zambala provides two categories of market experts – while one is impaneled, others are public experts. The impaneled experts include Prakash Diwan, Neeraj Puri Goswami, AssetTripler, and Vipul Ratan

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