Few Tips to Secure your Servers

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Regarding your infrastructure, your primary concern is usually to get and manage your applications. However, apps are not going to work properly without fulfilling the security requirements of your infrastructure. There may be serious consequences in the future.

We will converse various simple security means that need setting or configuring for the top configuration setting.

Check site activity and archive records in a safe place.

Security professionals know the importance of maintaining server activity logs. Since most web servers are for the public, it is important to perform this work for all internet-based services. These audits help detect and respond to the trail attacks and help resolve server performance issues. In high security environments, be sure to store files in a physically safe place – the safest (but the least easy) way to be the line printer, when the path is printed, the path is printed, and then its record Makes it The permanent card cannot be converted by Entrychrinter which has no physical access at workspace. You also want to consider using electronic equality, such as access to the secure host, which is encrypted with a digital signature to prevent entry and record.

Use the application scanner.

If it is accessible, you can enter the internal entry using the application scanner to enter the internal code. AppScan and Hacking tools can help ensure that the exploitation code is not to avoid the trees and the environment of production.

Set the frame for SSH Configuration

One of the most common services is almost SSH on almost all servers. While in the past, managers have sent everything using tools such as a telephone (including passwords!) Via simple text, SCH encryption connection between you and your server. Although it self-improvement in security, unfortunately, it is not enough. In this section, we have some basic SCH hardness techniques that should be used on all of your servers.

Disable Root Login

The easiest things you can do is disable the root record to save a layout setting. After this chapter, we will talk about how to prevent access to road access from Sud Utility (and some default system of viewpoint), in this case, we are as root, password, security keys Talking about limiting the ability to log in. Or any other way. Because of the root user’s power, it is safe to overcome the possibility that the invaders can get access to the administrator’s direct access. Instead, the administrators must log in as a common user and then use a local component like Sudo to become root.

SSL / TLS encryption

You can use an SSL certificate or TLS certificate to verify that the companies are different from each other. After verification, they can also be used to create encryption connections. Each server can be configured to trust a central certification authority. After that, any testimony in which the power signal can be collected. If applications and protocols are used to connect TLS encryption / SSL support, this system is encryption method without which the van tuning is maximum (often used indirectly). Goes)


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