Interview questions
Ruchi Singla

Python questions that are not to be missed in a job interview

Undoubtedly, attending a job interview will create stress and some tension, since we are looking to improve our economy, so in these situations, knowledge might fail due to these concerns. In such cases, it is convenient to anticipate to certain issues such as having well-honed technical knowledge as developers.

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Big Data
Ruchi Singla

All About Big Data Jobs

Big Data jobs or data trades are more and more numerous. Companies in all sectors are now looking to leverage the data at their disposal to guide their strategy and development. As these trades are relatively new, demand far exceeds the number of qualified experts. Discover in this folder what are the different Big Data jobs, the skills to possess to exercise them, the training to follow, and the salary to be discounted.

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Ruchi Singla

Flash Memory: All About Data Storage Technology

Flash memory is one of the major data storage technologies. It appeared in the 1980s; flash memory has quickly become a significant technology in the computer industry. It is nowadays commonly used for data storage, and in particular for short and medium-term storage.

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uber air taxi
virtual life

Uber Air Taxi – A Step to End Traffic Woes in Congested Cities

With road congestion problem increasing in big cities, Uber is developing an aerial ride service under its “Uber Elevate Program”. The service will debut in three cities including Dallas and Los Angeles, and a few options for the 3rd city. Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Paris are some considerable options. But, The company will make the final announcement of the Uber Air Taxi service in six months.

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Smart Technology
Ruchi Singla

Smart Beaches: technology as a tourism marketing tool

Objective Burma was a group from the eighties that sang "Desidia at the edge of the sea".  Today the theme would be "Wi-Fi on the shore”, in fact, it is already in fourteen Spanish beaches. And is that even in this environment we can disconnect at all. Two and a half hours a day is the average of mobile phone use during vacations. Maybe smart beaches incorporate a proxy for corporate mail, who knows!

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