Amazon and Google are Smart Speakers Top the Chart in the United States

Amazon and Google are on the top when it comes to making the most popular smart speakers in the United States.

As per a new survey by Strategy Analytics, Amazon’s Echo Speaker acquired approximately 23% of the market share in the installed base of the smart speaker in the United States. As per the results, both Echo and Google’s Home Speaker made their way in the top eight slots in the top 10 speakers.

Apple is in top 10 too

Meanwhile, Apple’s HomePod has also taken 9th spot, taking up 4% of the market share. However, this is below the expectations. Just a couple of months back, Strategy Analytics projected Apple’s share to be around 6% of the 50 million installed the speaker in the United States.

Here is the list of top 10 speakers in the United States.

  • Amazon Echo – 23%
  • Amazon Echo Dot – 21%
  • Google Home – 8%
  • Google Home Mini – 7%
  • Amazon Echo Plus – 5%, Spot – 4%, Show – 4%, Dot Kids Edition – 4%
  • Apple HomePod – 4%
  • Google Home Max – 2%

Strategy Analytics also estimated that there has been an increase in the users who own multiple speakers. Around 58% of the respondents stated that they have two or more smart speakers. These users prefer having a device in every room and the companies are taking care of it.

Amazon and Google are Smart Speakers

In a separate development, Google released new gadgets this week including Home Hub, YouTube video Player, Visual Recipe Reciter, and Digital Photo Frame. It would be interesting to see how the companies plan their products in a bid to take over major share in a demanding market.


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